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Yorkshire Landscape Art

Paintings and prints

News about my current Yorkshire art project is below.

My current Yorkshire Landscape Art project

1 December 2020

The Yorkshire Wolds, Roseberry and The Hole

At the end of 2019, I decided to make a collection of artworks focussing on a specific part of Yorkshire.

As we know, 2020 turned into a bit of a nightmare – possibly an understatement – and it's not over yet I fear.

We had just started to recover from all the madness since 2016, when bam, Covid arrived!

The Yorkshire Wolds

So my current art project, a Yorkshire Wolds landscape series, stopped, started, then stopped again. It's way behind where I wanted it to be, as I write this.

But not to worry, because between lockdowns, I made a great deal of headway. I gathered enough reference material to start making finished art.

I've identified at least seven landscape views to work up into paintings, or prints — perhaps both.

Throughout December, January and February, I intend to work on this new collection, holed‑up in my studio. So if you're reading this during those months, that's where I am.

Of course, I'm already thinking of how I can line‑up my next landscape art project.

Roseberry Topping

My Yorkshire Wolds project is in a productive place in the studio now. So I'm ready to begin collecting reference material for my next art project.

I've not decided whether it'll be Roseberry Topping, near Great Ayton, or The Hole. I may progress both at the same time.

Roseberry Topping is another favourite place of mine (Yes, I have a lot of treasured places). I've already made a linocut inspired by this distinctive hill on the edge of the North York Moors, and North Yorkshire.

It's scenic from almost every angle, and the whole place has a richness an artist can't resist. I feel as though I won't need to work hard to find umpteen views worth putting into paint and more prints.

I'm already familiar with Roseberry Topping and its surroundings, having climbed it, walked the area several times and explored most of the country lanes thereabouts. It's a perfect subject for a landscape artist.

The Hole of Horcum

Another notable feature in North Yorkshire is the dramatic bowl that is the Hole Of Horcum on the North York Moors, on the Whitby road. I've driven past it many‑many times. I've sketched there a couple of times.

It's a popular area for walkers, and epically scenic. This location, or Roseberry Topping – or both – will be the focus of my next project, once I've completed the Yorkshire Wolds series.

Always Developing collections

I have several themes developing in my existing oeuvre. No series is ever 'finished' and 'complete'. At least not so far. I continue to add to them, though it may be one or two every so often.

It means that though I'll 'move on' to Roseberry Topping, the Yorkshire Wolds series won't be final. No doubt I'll continue to see other views that excite me, and I'll add them.

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