Lynne Roebuck (Handwritten) 
Block print of York

Minster print:‘York’

York Minster, a distinctive Yorkshire landmark, rises above the characteristic red roofs of the old city at the centre of York, in the heart of the county,s UK.

While the Minster quietly presides over the city skyline, vibrant red domestic roofs crowd together below giving the city its distinct character and personality.

  • Image size: 12cm x 17cm (" x ")
  • Edition size: 25
  • Medium: linocut
  • Method: reduction-cut and multiple blocks
  • Passes through press: 4/5

This print is a lino print. It's part of a category of prints which use a block of material which is carved and inked, then printed. The block in this case is made of lino. For this reason, lino prints, or linocuts, can be referred to as block prints.

This print is not typical of my collection, because it was made using two printmaking methods while making it. It is both a multiple block print and a reduction cut. The first colour which is very subtle, was laid down for the sky. Then another block was carved for the darker blue, which was then cut away a little more for the other three colours. Quite a complex print.

Block printing using wood was first printed on paper (1) about 12 years after York became the Roman capital (2) of the North of England, coincidentally.