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British landscape paintings, original prints, and giclées made by UK landscape artist, Lynne Roebuck. Original and unique contemporary fine art prints and paintings using oils, tablet computer, or lino.
("Contemporary" means ‘made by a living artist’)

In-progress illustration showing sizes of wall art print I intend to offer for sale. Panorama, square and rectangular British countryside art in two and three sizes. The illustration is to help you (and me!) understand how big the prints are. The above are NOT linoprints by the way, they're my modern landscape art prints

UK Landscape art prints for sale here in future

4 July 2021

The illustration above shows the range of landscape art print sizes for sale here in the future

My project to offer my UK landscape art for sale from this website, has been stop‑start since it began. After my last update and all the headway I made then, it's all been at a halt – again. I can't tell you how frustrating it is. Not in polite company, anyway.

So while I've little to report, my plans and ideas for art for sale here continue to grow.

I'm planning to sell fine art prints, cards and books. There'll be my original UK landscape paintings for sale here as well. And of course, my original linocut prints will be available to buy, too.

Hopefully, we'll be back to normal soon (or as much as we can be), and looking to the future. I've still a couple of things to deal with that are taking up my time, but then I intend to have this project back in my sights. Fingers crossed.

Original oils, acrylics and prints. From left to right: Two plein air oil paintings. The two large ones are studio landscape oil paintings followed by two acrylic paintings and last – but not least – two linocut original prints.

A Landscape artist making art, in 2021

4 July 2021

Well, where does time go? Did it take my 'vim' with it?

It's been a while since I updated this. Two things have come into play since my last update here, in March.

The first is that I've lost momentum completely, and the second is that too many other things have muscled in on my time. Yes, the two must be related.

An artist's muse

I've managed to lose a bit of confidence in making my finished landscape paintings and linocuts.

This loss of courage happens every few years on some sort of cycle. It's a normal part of being an artist and nothing to worry about.

I often find a loss of faith comes before a notable improvement in my art making. What's at work at these times is a bit of a mystery, but I've learned to go with it.

Landscape Sketches

So when the muse goes a bit quiet – it never shuts up entirely (if only) – I return to my sketchbooks.

Sketchbooks are an artist's playground. They're the place where an artist relaxes, free from the pressure to perform.

Sketchbooks offer a space to ponder, explore being a different artist, and to record random ideas.

I've written a small book about why artists use sketchbooks because it's a fascinating topic (available to buy here at some point in the future).

A bit of beach art

During all the covid experience, I've missed the sandy shoreline really badly. So I've been indulging myself in a lot of sketchbook beach art therapy at Bridlington.

So much so, that beach sketches are in danger of overwhelming my Instagram sketchbooks feed, as a result.

Unfortunately, with the 'holiday at home' theme this summer, Flamborough Head has been heaving. So I've had to shelve my plans for plein‑air painting in the location, sadly.

Fortunately Brid's beaches are expansive enough to swallow a lot of people with space to spare. This means a beach artist can work without constant interruption.

It's not that I mind interruption – I don't. There can be too many disturbances, though, making it impossible to maintain any concentration.

Sketchbooks are discrete, so don't tend to attract a lot of attention, unlike an easel or pochade box. It's another reason to use them right now.

Exploring landscape art and Gouache

I've managed to get up to Stokesley, in North Yorkshire, for a spot of sketching, too.

Near this lovely small town is the local landmark (a distinctive hill) called Roseberry Topping. This was my real target.

The Topping is a candidate for a future painting project. That, or the Hole of Horcum, which is also on the North York Moors.

The other thing I've done is rediscover my 'go-to' medium from my illustrator years: Gouache, sometimes called poster colour. I'd forgotten just how lovely a medium it is, and it's giving me a great deal of pleasure getting to know it again.

My Yorkshire Wolds Art Series

What with covid, and the wet weather, this project has dragged on until I fear it's lost all its momentum. A loss of confidence is not helping one bit either.

Though I've not suffered this bad a loss of artistic energy in a long-long while, it is all part of the ebb and flow of an essentially solo driven activity.

I suspect we're all feeling a bit similar. The whole covid thing dragging on and on, threatening to never end is not doing us any good at all. We'll get there, though I feel like I've been saying this for too long now!

The next time I'm expecting to update this is in September 2021 – I'm hoping to have launched something by then, 🤞.

What kind of art do I make?

I primarily paint landscape oil paintings and print limited edition linocut original prints. All my art, so far, is of the British countryside, seaside/coastline and its surrounding seas. My collection of original, unique art, currently includes Northumberland, Yorkshire, and The South Hams in Devon.

I work in my studio from reference and outside in front of the scene. My Plein‑air paintings often form part of the reference for my studio paintings and prints. I'm always adding to my gallery of contemporary landscape paintings and prints, covering the North of England and the much painted Southern Counties.

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