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Contemporary British Landscape Art

Oil paintings and lino prints

Landscape paintings and prints by me, contemporary British landscape artist, Lynne Roebuck. Both painter and printmaker, I make original lino prints and original oil paintings.
("Contemporary" means ‘made by a living artist’)

Original Oil paintings

You'll find unique landscape paintings here in two kinds… I explain the differences below.

Both are inspired by the British landscape.

Landscapes in Oil

My original oils are on canvas and canvas panel. They have been completed in my studio using reference material (sketches, paintings and photos) collected in the 'wild' so to speak. They vary widely in size, ranging from large to small - no 'epic' ones… yet. They tend to take a long time to complete because they're highly finished with many layers of oil paint applied, starting with an underpainting, and because I add a lot of 'creativity with the truth' to them - called artist's license by others. I intend to offer these original landscapes as giclée prints in the near future, which should be more affordable than the originals.

En Plein air landscapes (coming very soon)

My plein air paintings are on canvas panel, sometimes paper. They are not painted in my studio, but painted outside on location, in the fresh air ('en plein air'). Outdoor, plein air paintings are usually small. They are painted thinly ('alla prima') with the very first brush marks made showing in the finished painting, next to the last marks. They're painted this way so that they dry fast and are completed relatively quickly, where a studio painting needs more time. Plein air paintings are the result of recording a direct observation, meaning I'm painting what I see in front of me, at that moment, applying minimal artistic license.

View my original landscape paintings

Original linocut prints

I also have a large and growing collection of contemporary original linocut prints available to buy. These are also inspired by the British (UK) landscape and this inspiration is the unifying theme running through all my art.

Printmaking is a very different medium compared to painting with many constraints to work with – it's the nature of block printmaking and why it's good. My paintings and prints might appear quite different from one another at first sight. Closer inspection will betray their similarity though. Between you and me, I anticipate my art will draw together in style as I evolve as an artist.

My original linocuts come in limited editions of no more than 25, made using an etching press and hand-inking – there are no plugs or on/off switches involved in making original prints, except that is for the ones on the kettle used for a cuppa between colours. My linocuts tend to be small artworks, the biggest so far is just under A3 size and they are always on paper, so need to be behind glass when framed.

View my original prints

Original Prints are available to buy from Gallery 49, Bridlington and The Design & Craft Centre, Leeds

Gallery 49 in Bridlington and The Design and Craft Centre Leeds

Some of my art

Both my paintings and my prints are a result of my fascination with the British (UK) Landscape in all its diversity (countryside, seaside/coast and waves/seascape). My collection of artworks currently includes Northumberland, Yorkshire, and The South Hams in Devon. I hope this is only the start of an oeuvre of contemporary landscape art covering the North of England and the much painted Southern Counties. I explain my approach to making landscape art here.

Buying my paintings and linocuts for sale

The best place to buy my contemporary British landscape art, if you're in Yorkshire, UK, where I'm based is from my galleries. You'll be able to view my landscape art there and, in the case of my lino prints, choose between framed and unframed options. You'll also be able to ask questions and get advise about buying, framing, displaying and protecting original linocuts and paintings – and you won't pay extra for this extra service. They are welcoming, knowledgable, helpful people, who won't pressurize you to buy, so do visit them if you're in the area.

I'm currently working to make it possible to buy my landscape art from this website.
I was hoping to achieve it last year (2017), though it appears the goal posts on the internet itself are moving so it's delayed things a little bit.

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The Way to Prawle Point, Devon
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