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British Landscape Paintings & Prints

Original Oils, linocuts & more

British landscape paintings, original prints, and giclées made by UK landscape artist, Lynne Roebuck. Original and unique contemporary fine art prints and paintings using oils, tablet computer, or lino.
("Contemporary" means ‘made by a living artist’)

In-progress illustration showing sizes of wall art print I intend to offer for sale. Panorama, square and rectangular British countryside art in two and three sizes. The illustration is to help you (and me!) understand how big the prints are. The above are NOT linoprints by the way, they're my modern landscape art prints

UK Landscape art for sale here in future

8 March 2021

The illustration above shows the range of art print sizes I'll offer for sale in the future

I'm pleased I'm finally on track to offer these contemporary landscape art prints here soon.

It seems having to 'stay home', not able to sketch in the outdoors, has an upside – humph.

At the moment, you'll still need to email me if you want to buy anything from this website. Changing this is getting nearer, though, as I work on an easier way to buy (with lots of options) in future.

It's taking time because I want to offer a choice of contemporary prints that allow for freedom with framing styles (as I hope to illustrate).

I'm a landscape artist whose quest for quality doesn't stop when I put the paintbrush down, you see. And that means spending time on things – no way around it.

Original oils, acrylics and prints. From left to right: Two plein air oil paintings. The two large ones are studio landscape oil paintings followed by two acrylic paintings and last – but not least – two linocut original prints.

A Landscape artist making art, in 2021

9 March 2021

Getting down to business – nah, making art will win the day

There's always a tension in an artist's life between making art and working on the business side of being an artist.

Galleries sell, I make

So far, I've spent far more time making landscape art than on selling it. It's why I've always favoured galleries.

I don't mind their fees because they spend time selling while I concentrate on sketching, painting, and inking lino blocks. It's the ideal arrangement in my view.

Art in the wilderness

Repeated lockdowns (and the rest) have left private galleries struggling in a bleak environment – more than they already were. There's a knock‑on impact on the artists who sell with them.

After a hard look at my finances during the first part of this year, I came to a conclusion. I have to spend time on the business of being a landscape artist this year (2021).

You've seen evidence of some of the work I've done (above). I assessed 57 variations of paper size (!) to select eight for sale – tedious but necessary 'business' time.

There's more work on this front completed, though it's not visible yet.

I'm determined to continue pushing forward with making it easy to buy my art from this website now. Of course, the siren song gets stronger all the while.

The UK Landscape calls

I doubt I'm the only one counting down to the release of 'stay local'.

It's hard being a scenic artist when travelling into the wilds is not allowed. Making landscape art without any landscape is difficult!

Just to be serious for a moment, the truth is: I've not been entirely unhappy walled up in my artist's garret (studio). I've finished paintings already on the easel, ready to take my Yorkshire Wolds paintings project forward.

As hardships go, it's nothing. I've been fortunate during these trying times.

I can't wait, though, to be out in the hills with my sketchbook again. Heck, hills, vales, beaches (ah, beaches), cliffs, woods, marshes – I don't care what kind of terrain it is, I want to be in it!

Though I live in a city now, I grew up in the countryside. The natural open spaces are still inside me somehow, heeding to the calls of wild places.

A love of the British landscape

So my love of the UK countryside will inevitably draw me away from the business side of things when lockdown releases. If only I could afford to pay someone to do 'business' things for me.

As I said, there's always a tension between making landscape art and 'making' the business. After the year we've had though, I'm going to be relaxed about it and enjoy the freedom.

All this means I am progressing things on this website, though much of it is not visible yet. There will be new scenery art too!

The next time I'm expecting to update this is in May 2021 – I'm hoping to have launched something by then, 🤞.

What kind of art do I make?

I primarily paint landscape oil paintings and print limited edition linocut original prints. All my art, so far, is of the British countryside, seaside/coastline and its surrounding seas. My collection of original, unique art, currently includes Northumberland, Yorkshire, and The South Hams in Devon.

I work in my studio from reference and outside in front of the scene. My Plein‑air paintings often form part of the reference for my studio paintings and prints. I'm always adding to my gallery of contemporary landscape paintings and prints, covering the North of England and the much painted Southern Counties.

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