Scarborough South Sands linocutNewest landscape painting in oil - A Beach!Whitby Sands linoprint

British Landscape Paintings & Prints

Oils and linocuts

British landscape paintings and original prints made by contemporary UK landscape artist, Lynne Roebuck.
My fine art prints and paintings are original and unique to me, made using oils or lino.
("Contemporary" means ‘made by a living artist’)

Studio oil paintings, plein air oils, acrylic and prints
From left to right: Two plein air oil paintings. The two large ones are studio landscape oil paintings followed by two acrylic paintings and last – but not least – two linocut original prints.

What kind of art do I make?

I primarily paint landscape oil paintings and print limited edition linocut original prints. All my art, so far, is of the British countryside, seaside/coastline and its surrounding seas. My collection of original, unique art, currently includes Northumberland, Yorkshire, and The South Hams in Devon.

I work in my studio from reference and outside in front of the scene. My plein air paintings often form part of the reference for my studio paintings and prints. I'm always adding to my gallery of contemporary landscape paintings and prints, covering the North of England and the much painted Southern Counties.

More art by kind:

British Landscape

Why do I make this kind of art?

Growing up in the countryside has shaped who I am today. So from the single blade of grass and the magical, mysterious thing we call a cloud, to the epic and breathtaking vista, it all still fascinates this kid.

This is why I make British landscape paintings and art prints

Britain is an artist's scenery paradise

Since visiting Devon, Northumberland, Cumbria, Lancashire, Pembrokeshire in Wales and Inverness in Scotland to name a few, I can safely say Yorkshire, where I'm based, is not alone in its distinctiveness and diversity of scenery. The variety is in fact a characteristic of the UK terrain from the tip of Scotland to the foot of Cornwall. It's not surprising that the British landscape has been represented by artists in paint and other media for more than 250 years.

Naturally, Yorkshire subjects dominate my collection at this time, though I'm always hopeful of being able to paint further afield. I already have many sketches, of 'foreign' parts elsewhere in the UK, waiting for me to work-up into finished art.

Detail of newest studio oil painting
Detail of an oil painting completed in my studio – Wigginton Road in Summer.

Making landscape art in 2019

Updated: 11 March 2019

In January I mapped-out a painting and print production schedule for 2019 that's now pinned onto my studio wall. So far I'm only two weeks behind due to something unexpected at the beginning of the year - always the way. True to my schedule, my efforts are focussed on Burton Agnes in May right now. I've not lost sight of wanting to paint Harrogate and Whitby, those paintings are on my list still.

Always learning

A constant challenge for a professional artist, is finding space between 'serious' paintings for experimental and study activities. Having been to art-school when I was young, I was taught much about classical painting techniques. It's good to revisit these however, taking yourself back to basics for a thorough recap. It's some time since I did this so I've ended up on a bit of a 'back to art-school' mission (I won't actually be going back to art-school – I'll simply revisit some exercises and studies, reminding myself of things).

I also have a couple of themes I'm beginning to develop, such as Snowdrop woods. Burton Agnes, where I'll be exhibiting, has some wonderful snowdrop filled woodland which I visited this year to collect reference material. There are many such woods in East Yorkshire. Beaches are another theme I've begun to explore as a result of being inspired by Bridlington. My problem is always spreading myself too thinly - I get so excited about our world I want to capture it all at once…

Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience
said an American poet, R W Emerson.

I'm still trying to spend time on a website shopping basket, which I really hope will be launched during this year.

I explain my approach to making landscape art here.

Detail of Whitby Harbour oil painting
Detail of an oil painting completed in my studio – Whitby Harbour.

Buying my paintings and linocuts for sale

Updated: 26 October 2018

The best place to buy my contemporary British landscape art prints and paintings, if you're in Yorkshire, UK, where I'm based is from my galleries. You'll be able to view my landscape art there and, in the case of my lino prints, choose between framed and unframed options. You'll also be able to ask questions and get advise about buying, framing, displaying and protecting original linocuts and paintings – and you won't pay extra for this extra service. They are welcoming, knowledgable, helpful people, who won't pressurize you to buy, so do visit them if you're in the area.

I'm currently working to make it possible to buy my landscape art from this website.
I was hoping to achieve it last year (2018), though other work took priority.

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