Painting outside at Burton Agnes Hall and Gardens
Yikes! 1 week and a few days till my Burton Agnes Hall & Gardens Exhibition - from 2nd May 2019

En Plein Air Paintings, UK Landscapes

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Current plein-air landscape paintings in oil available, all on canvas panel. These unique original paintings will often be offered, exclusively, here on this website first, before they're for sale from a gallery, or exhibition.

These original landscapes will be for sale unframed and postage within the UK will be included

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I'll be able to have these paintings framed for UK addresses, for an extra cost that will depend on the size of painting.
I regret I'll be unable to send framed work abroad.

New batches of scenic paintings become available regularly in summer – less frequently in winter, because I'm just not hardy enough to paint outside a lot when it's cold!

Places I plan to paint en plein-air

Updated: 26 March 2019

After what seemed like a long dark Winter and with a great deal of work keeping me in the studio, Plein-air painting has got off to a slow start this year (2019).

I'm busy preparing for my event at Burton Agnes Hall & Gardens in May, which is approaching all too rapidly – "Keep Calm and Paint"! I am pleased to say I have finally managed to squash-in an afternoon at Bridlington on the East Coast of Yorkshire, UK (artwork to be published here shortly) despite commitments in the morning which threatened to fill the day. Having arrived feeling a bit harrassed and under pressure, the afternoon turned out to be fabulous and the effort well worth it. A professional artist paints regardless of whether they 'feel like it' to begin with and often paintings started in this way turn out to be some of the best. The feeling of elation on completing the first plein-air landscape painting of the year is always epic. Plein-air painting is challenging and so rewarding that it's addictive. I plan to fit in, come what may, some more days painting on the beaches at this lovely seaside town before May. Ideally at Flamborough Head, too.

Later in the year, I intend to paint at Harrogate when the cherry blossom is out on the strays, as well as in the city centre after this. I'm hoping to also paint in York, especially along the river as it meanders through the heart of the historic town. Of course later in the year I have a busmans holiday booked at Bamburgh which will be entirely devoted to plein-air art making. I'm already looking forward to it with great excitement. After this, I'll be up at Whitby, a favourite haunt of mine.

I quite possibly won't manage to do all of this as it feels a bit unrealistic given my studio painting schedule on top of these plans – I'm going to try all the same.

What is a plein air painting?