Original landscape paintings hang on a wall in a gallery

Original Landscape paintings in oils

All my original landscape paintings in oils are inspired by the UK countryside and coastline. My fine art paintings collection includes two types: large paintings (some small ones too) completed in my studio, and small original plein air paintings, painted on location. They are all in oils, though I do have some paintings in other mediums.

Landscapes on canvas collection

My recent landscape paintings on canvas, and canvas panel, are shown below. Mostly larger paintings, though there are some small ones too. I have a growing collection of these studio based artworks.

View all original landscape oil paintings made in my studio

Available giclées (soon)

Plein Air Paintings

I also have a collection of paintings painted outside, on location. Called 'Plein air', there's a long tradition of artists working directly from a landscape. These original landscape paintings will soon be available to purchase via this website. They're usually smaller and if you're looking for a unique original oil painting for under £1,000, then these fit into that category.

Plein air paintings on display in a gallery space

See all my available plein air paintings

Other media

The paintings below are not in oil paint, but other media such as acrylic. Usually on paper, not canvas.

I have quite a few acrylic on paper paintings. Mostly exploring specific places, there are paintings of The South Hams in Devon and Bamburgh Castle in Northumberland. They tend to be about 229mm x 229mm (9"x 9").
View my acrylic on paper landscape art collection

None of these original landscape paintings, whether in oil or other media, are for sale just yet. I've focussed on building-up my collection of paintings, after concentrating for quite a while on my printmaking. I'm on a journey From Illustrator-painter to Fine Art Painter. I plan to make my paintings available to buy once they're framed and have been properly recorded for reproduction in catalogues, etc.

(I've not fallen out of love with making my original prints).

You can currently buy my lino prints from my galleries in Yorkshire, UK. I am planning to add the ability to buy from this site using PayPal.