Sorry you've missed my show in Burton Agnes Hall & Gardens Courtyard Gallery. Other places to see my art.
Original landscape paintings hang on a wall in a gallery

Original Landscape paintings

Paintings in Oil of the UK

All my original landscape paintings are inspired by the UK countryside and coastline.

I mainly work in oil paints, but do have other mediums such as acrylic that I also use, though on an irregular basis. The illustration above shows three of the types of paintings I create. On the left are two studio paintings, in the middle are two plein-air paintings and on the right, two acrylic paintings.

Three kinds of landscape paintings to see:

Oil Landscape Paintings

Larger paintings, but all sizes with quite a few medium and small ones in the collection. Painted entirely in my studio

I spend most of my time working on this kind of painting – I am the archetypal artist, locked away, painting in my garret.

Larger paintings are on stretched canvas over a wooden frame, while smaller paintings are on good quality canvas board

See my studio oil paintings

Plein air oil paintings

Smaller than most of my studio art. These original paintings are all painted outdoors on location

The amount of time I get to spend painting this type of painting varies a great deal throughout the year.

They are painted on canvas board and are painted 'alla prima', meaning they're not layered-up or blended like my studio art

My plein-air paintings

Other mediums

Original landscape paintings on paper painted in my studio and outside

These paintings are made when there is something very specific I want to explore, so they're the most irregular

At the moment I've only scanned-in and added a few of my acrylic paintings to this collection

Paintings on paper

My larger original landscape paintings will be available as limited edition, signed Giclée prints.

Detail of newest studio oil painting
Detail of an oil painting completed in my studio – Wigginton Road in Summer.

Some of my fineart

Oil painting of a garden
A butterfly dances by the Yews in this plein-air painting.