Landscape paintings in oil, acrylic and gouache

My collection of original oil paintings is something I'm working hard to build, having ‘parked’ painting for some time while I concentrated on my printmaking and then coped with a serious illness. Paintings are very much ‘in focus’ with me now and establishing a collection of landscape oils on canvas is my main priority.

Newest oil paintings on canvas

Acrylic on Paper Paintings

I have quite a few acrylic on paper paintings now. Mostly exploring specific places, there are paintings of The South Hams in Devon and Bamburgh Castle in Northumberland. They tend to be about 229mm x 229mm (9"x 9").
View my acrylic on paper landscape art collection

None of these original paintings are for sale just yet, though I plan to make them available to buy once they're framed and have been properly recorded for reproduction as giclées. This section of my website is very much a work-in-progress itself, so apologies if it's not the best to navigate.

(I've not fallen out of love with making my original prints).

You can currently buy my lino prints from my galleries in Yorkshire, UK. I am planning to add the ability to buy from this site using PayPal.