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Lynne Roebuck (Handwritten)
Whitby Abbey at night lino print

Whitby Abbey lino print:‘Bedtime Stories’

This well known landmark, Whitby Abbey, is steeped in myth, legend and rich history – a place of epic stories if ever there was one – while below it, ordinary everyday, yet epic in their way, stories are told and unfold.

Whitby Abbey is on North Yorkshire's coast, and it's looked after by English Heritage. An organisation that cares for many of our older sites.

The abbey is a large ruin, high on the East cliff above the seaside town of Whitby (UK) and the North Sea.

Though much of the building has gone, what's left is still imposing. Its silhouette can be seen from the town and its beach, as well out at sea.

From down in the valley and across the harbour, you're treated to this view. The contrast of the small, neat, domestic dwellings nestling below, and the tall ravaged abbey profile above tells a story.

The Abbey has a history that's on a large scale and alternated between settled and violent. It's thought the site was occupied by a monastry as early as the 7th Century (601 - 700AD)†.

original print

  • Artwork Size: 25 x 30 cm (10 x 12 ins)
  • Medium: linocut
  • Method: multiple blocks
  • Colours: 6
  • Paper: tbc
  • Edition: 20

The homes below are relatively newly built, compact and to my knowledge have never been the site of news worthy wars or large communal worship.

Every time I walk the harbour wall on the other side of the river Esk, my eyes are drawn to this scene. It struck me, it was a charming image with a great composition, and the contrasting stories of these buildings made it a special landscape.

The limited edition lino print (relief print) resulting has a rich texture and strong dark colour scheme, evoking a time of day when stories are read before bed.

Four individual lino blocks were cut for this original lino print. Every print in this landscape art limited edition has character – it's an intrinsic quality of art created by hand, and much appreciated by original print collectors.

I'm currently experimenting with a painting of this same scene (May 2021). I have no idea right now whether it will be completed and see the light of day – but it's an interesting exercise and all part of my constant quest to be a better artist.

Exhibited in the East Coast Open 2010, Scarborough Art Gallery, Yorkshire, UK. Picked out in a review by Heath, Christine (2010). "Exhibition to lift the spirits" Scarborough Evening News. January 27, 2010.

Bedtime Stories The first monastery here, founded in about 657, became one of the most important religious centres in the Anglo-Saxon world.History of Whitby Abbey (Opens in new window/tab) [Accessed: May, 2021 ]