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Lynne Roebuck (Handwritten)

Outdoor painting:‘A Hollyhock riot in the pink garden!’

Outdoor painting is quite addictive, despite the challenges. There's an unpredictability about al fresco art.

So despite a weather forecast suggesting a bright day with much sunshine, it's never guaranteed – as on this occasion.

So I was a bit concerned about ending up with a rather dull fresh air (Plein‑air) painting. Though the Summer was drawing to a close, I was not yet ready to lose the sunshine from my pictures.

Pacing about in search of a subject to paint, it was in the pink garden where I walked into what I could only describe as a riot of Hollyhocks flowering like, well, the summer was ending.

Hollyhocks are biannual plants, meaning you have to wait a year before they flower the next year. Plant them en mass though, and you're in for a riot of flower worth the wait.

original plein‑air painting

  • Artwork Size: 25.4 x 25.4 cm (10 x 10 ins)
  • Medium: oil
  • Ground: canvas panel

This is why, despite rapidly heading into Autumn, my search for a subject to paint didn't take long the day I found this view. At the bottom end of the walled garden at Burton Agnes Hall there's an area with many small colour specific gardens.

Though it wasn't as bright a day as I'd been fortunate to enjoy during the previous weeks, the pinks here fizzed so much it didn't matter. That's the power of flowers.

This little original outdoor Plein‑air painting in oil, is a delight. With the different greens and pinks creating an almost abstract foreground, it's rich in texture and shape.

This artwork immediately evokes the place, and captures a classically English Garden exactly.

This garden oil painting, made in the open air, is available to buy along with other paintings of the gardens surrounding the hall located in the village of Burton Agnes near Bridlington, on the East coast of Yorkshire, UK.