Lynne Roebuck (Handwritten) 
Linocut print of Scarborough

Scarborough Print:
‘Scarborough South Sands’

This Scarborough print is an original linocut of the wonderful seaside town on the Yorkshire East Coast, UK. This view looks toward Scarborough Castle from South Sands beach, with the harbour and lighthouse visible below the distinctive headland.

Each print in the edition enjoys much character. I've hand painted into the ink on two of the layers (sea/sky and rocks), and created much texture by contrasting 'dry' (sand) and solid (rocks) applications of ink to the linocut block. It's a reduction-cut print, that proved challenging, though I'm exceptionally pleased with the result.

This art pairs nicely with Whitby Sands print

This original is one of many landscape art linocuts here in my lino print collection. I'm also hoping to make paintings of Scarborough available too, soon.

  • Image size: 25cm x 28cm (10" x 111/8")
  • Method: linocut
  • Edition size: 25
  • Passes through press: 4
  • Paper: Magnani Litho 310gsm White
Scarborough South Sands