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Lynne Roebuck (Handwritten)
Linocut of Whitby from the North

Whitby linocut:‘Whitby Sands’

This Whitby landscape art looks South East, back toward the UK seaside town, with its abbey and distinctive harbour silhouetted against the sky

Whitby is famous for many things, including Dracula, Captain Cook, a distinctive harbour, glowering abbey, and grand Fish & Chips. There's also a church on a hill with, reputedly, 199 steps up to it that features in the Dracula story, too.

The beach to the North West of the harbour, shown in this fine art print is wide and long, stretching all the way to Sandsend.

Like all the prints on this website, this is a limited edition print. That means that an edition of, say 23, means there are only 23 prints in existence. And there'll never be any more. So once they're all sold, they're gone.

Each print in this edition contains much character, because like all original prints, they're individually printed by hand. No plugs or on/off switches are involved in making linocuts.

original print

  • Artwork Size: 25 x 28 cm (10 x 11 ins)
  • Medium: linocut
  • Method: reduction-cut
  • Colours: 4
  • Paper: Magnani Litho 310gsm White
  • Edition: 23

I bravely experimented with hand painting into the ink rolled onto the lino block. I also contrasted 'dry' and solid applications of ink to the reduction-cut as I layered the colours in the print, creating different subtle textures.

I say 'bravely', because there are no second chances with the reduction-cut method of printmaking – sometimes called the 'suicide' method!

Because you only use one lino block, and cut it away a little more for each colour, there is no going back. You can't stick the cut away lino back on!

The result of these finished prints is very pleasing, and I intend to use the approach for other planned lino prints. I feel I've added to my skills as a printmaker, and I'm more confident about other experiments I've thought of trying in future linos.

This landscape makes a fine pair when displayed with Scarborough South Sands print

'assets NOT in' scarb-whitby-pair
Two collectable prints that compliment each other, and make a great display when shown together.