Looking toward the Minster, via tree lined Wigginton Road

York painting:
Summer on Wigginton Road

Wigginton Road enters the city of York, in North Yorkshire UK, from the North. Like many of the approaches to this historic centre, the Minster can be seen for miles as you drive.

York is a beautiful city at the heart of the biggest county in the UK, Yorkshire, best known for its ancient architecture and long history, alternatively called (Viking) Jorvik and (Roman) Eboracum. What's not always recognised is the amount of trees there are lining numerous roads, filling the city parks and enriching the banks along the river Ouse – a walk worth doing should you visit. I have plans to make several more paintings of the city I know so well and they will inevitably be filled with trees, as this painting is.

Rich with detail on softly modelled foliage and full of summer sunshine, lighting leaves and casting shadows, the oil painting reflects a warm summers day. Despite the city all around, a blackbird perches in a tree while a squirrel scampers and birds fly overhead. This is the city I know and love.

  • Image size: 50.5cm x 50.5cm (20" x 20")
  • Medium: oil
  • Ground: canvas

Two detail and an in progress picture hopefully give a sense of the painting's appearance.