Lynne Roebuck (Handwritten) 
Martins flit overhead while walking round the glistening bay

Limited Edition Print:‘Walking the coast’

This limited edition linocut print shows a wide sweeping bay with a seaside town in the distance.

Inspired by a day spent walking a headland North of Bridlington. A bay where the light is forever inspiring. Swifts flit overhead as you walk on a summer's day gazing out from the cliff tops across the sea.

It is a modestly sized print considering the epic landscape it's depicting.

  • Image size: 13cm x 35cm (5.11" x 13.8")
  • Edition size: 25
  • Medium: linocut
  • Method: reduction-cut
  • Passes through press: 5
  • Paper: Magnani Litho 310gsm White

This limited edition print is a lino print, like all my original print collection at this time (Feb 2019). It has been through the press a total of five times. My intention was to make a four colour artwork, but felt it needed a final fifth subtle tone adding to the land and hand finishing to give it a polish. Original printmaking is a creative process so plans can change during the production of a print – this is the beauty of a process which is not dominated by machinery. While a printmaker working in sevewral colours, as I do, has to plan a print thoroughly, it's not possible to completely predict exactly how the inks will play with each other when printed one over the top of the other. As an artist I enjoy the challenge and unexpected creative possibilities this throws up

This print has a lot of texture to it. The texture is deliberate in this case. It's created by doing what's called a 'dry' roll. By putting very little ink on the roller, it creates a texture that is varied and interesting.

This coast lino print makes a fine pair when displayed with "Seabird Cliffs"

I also have an oil painting, titled "Walking the Headland" inspired by the same walk (and more in the to-do list!). I'm always adding to my collection of Brid and surroundings inspired art.

Exhibition at Burton Agnes 2019