Lynne Roebuck (Handwritten) 
A mist gradually reveals a field with grazing sheep

Grazing sheep:‘Countryside mist’

This small misty countryside oil painting has lots of atmosphere. Walking down the lane on one of those damp, but rapidly brightening mornings, you can feel the freshness in the air. A sheep raises its head, still munching on grass to see who passes, unphased because many people walk this way.

While this landscape painting is small, it does not skimp on detail, effect or impact. Created entirely in the studio, it was one of those spontaneous works, drawing on a memory of some distant moment when all is quiet and at peace.

A fresh blue sky and vibrant green grass nourished by the damp, create the promise of a lovely day ahead. The mist is already receding as the sun rises and begins to warm the landscape

  • Image size: 17.8cm x 35.6cm (7" x 14")
  • Medium: oil
  • Ground: canvas board

I always find the times when a mist rises, especially during the mornings and evenings in Spring or Autumn, fascinating. As an artist, you're always alert to the moods of the countryside. Changing seasons and times of day provide endless inspirations.

There was a time when I had to rise extremely early (before dawn) for weeks at a time over several years. Driving through the country as the sun rose often betrayed wisps of mist forming and fading which were always hauntingly beautiful. I felt privileged to be witness to the fleeting magic. Animals grazing unconcerned by the natural marvel in their surroundings, somehow made it all the more beguiling. I love the ordinary and extraordinary side by side – the one enhancing the other.

There are many things I want to study in my artwork. This painting paints to one of the magical aspects of our countryside I will do more with in future.