Lynne Roebuck (Handwritten) 
A glorious sunny day shows the tide in beneath the cliffs

Flamborough Head:‘Tide Out in The Bay’

These white cliffs are the only chalk cliffs (like those on the South coast) in the North of England. (Painted on location)

Flamborough Head is an incredible place. I'm confident saying there is nowhere else like it in the UK. If you look closely you can just make out two tiny people in the bay near the shadow. Beyond the horizon in this painting, the cliffs continue and rise to over 400ft. Not quite as tall as those on the South coast, but impressive all the same. Especially when you know they're also the home of the largest mainland colony of seabirds in the UK.

  • Image size: 38cm x 58.5cm (15" x 23")
  • Medium: acrylic
  • Ground: 300lb watercolour paper

Like some of the other paintings here, this was painted on location, sitting in the updraft on top of the cliffs – there's rarely absolute stillness in the air here. You can see the grasses in the foreground were being blown by the wind. Fortunately it wasn't too strong to let me paint. This is a haven for visitors, bird watchers, landscape photographers, kestrels, seals, a myriad of seabirds and of course, artists. When the seabird colony just up the coast is attracting it's residents, you can see them migrating past in flocks playing follow-my-leader around this headland that sticks out into the sea by some 6 miles (10km). This is why you get flights of bird watchers standing out on the very tip of the headland.

I love painting here, so will return no doubt. I've plans for several studio paintings, so am collecting reference and studying the views closely.

Please note the size quoted above is the size of the image itself, the paper is not much bigger so some framing methods may cover some of the image slightly.


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