Lynne Roebuck (Handwritten) 
miniature original print of a big house and garden

Classical garden relief print:‘Yew’

A gorgeous romantic miniature handmade print. Perfect for that little corner in need of something delightful. It adds a classical ambiance to any space.

This little print is like a secret window into a romantic retreat. There's a light in the window, so someone's home.

The carefully clipped Yews are the tell-tale sign of a classical garden. Could there be statues of cherubs and boys with winged feet, near ponds pluming with beautiful fountains? Is it a fairytale castle? It could be.

There's a real place that inspired this print. It's called Burton Agnes Hall. I have other artworks on this website ignited by the same Elizabethan house and its wonderful gardens. I think it's a romantic place, so of course the print has that 'something' that special places have.

  • Image size: 13cm x 5.4cm (5.1" x 1.12")
  • Edition size: 20
  • Medium: linocut
  • Method: reduction-cut and multiple blocks
  • Passes through press: 4

I made this print for an annual exhibition of miniature original prints. Unfortunately it took me so long to make it, I missed the submission date!

It's printed using four colours – the blue, dark green, full green and soft pale yellow-green.

Each colour involved cutting tiny blocks of lino. Then, after mixing each ink, the fiddly blocks needed positioning so the colours would sit perfectly in place over each other. My oh my, it was intricate.

Winding the press was fraught too because even a light pressure could all too easily move the small blocks of lino out of place.

Altogether, I'd been a bit ambitious, given the time I had before the deadline and the difficulties of working so small. An ambition too big for the art!

I should have kept it simple and stuck with one or two colours only, like the other artists who exhibit in the show. Well, you live and learn!

So this grand house in its classical gardens, containing neatly trimmed Yew shrubs, awakes to the early sunlight – or is that settles at the end of the day? It could be either. Making this fine art was a grand experiment. No wonder this miniature original artwork has a grandeur all of its own.


Displaying "Yew" in your home or office

This little print is so adaptable when it comes to displaying it.

A lovely rich small print that'll add contrast to other art, or fit right in with them depending what's already in your collection.

Perhaps you've a garden theme blooming, or you're sculpting a classical motif. Any set of landscapes will welcome this little friend with open arms of course.

It's a perfect original art print for hanging among other pictures displayed as a group. If you're developing a collection of small art, then this one will hold its own amongst the other small gems in your set.

Otherwise its miniature power will add to the variety in a collection of mixed sizes of paintings and prints.

If you've already got a big collection, it'll fit in that small space between the others! I know, I'm not helping your addiction to collecting art. As addictions go though, it's a wonderful one. You know you can't have too much art in your life, don't you?

It also makes a lovely accent when hung on its own on those odd short walls we all have. I have a short return wall in the corner of my lounge that I look at every time I walk through to the kitchen. It begged for an artwork on it for years.