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Lynne Roebuck (Handwritten)
A road passes by a hill with sheep on it

Early Morning:‘Sheep In The Wolds’

A painting of sheep in the Wolds, in East Yorkshire, UK. While there are a lot of crops grown in the Wolds, there is also a lot of live-stock farming on the tough grass that grows on the slopes.

Animals are farmed on the slopes of the valleys, called Dales, winding their way through the rolling hills in this part of the county.

It's considered upside-down farming. Usually crops are grown in the valleys, while cows and sheep occupy the tops of the hills. The impression you get when driving over the wolds is that there's very few animals, and it's inaccurate.

I always think of The Wolds as a particularly British landscape, though this may not be true. The whole area sits on a chalk base, and you can see the chalk in the soil. It looks like a cream dust on ploughed fields seen from a distance.

The chalk influences the area in lots of ways, especially the approach to farming.

original studio oil painting

  • Artwork Size: 30.5 x 41 cm (12 x 16 ins)
  • Medium: oil
  • Ground: canvas board

There's a lot of fascinating terrain in the Yorkshires Wolds, with many ancient sites, some of which I hope to paint one day.

This oil painting proved a challenge to photograph. The soft colours of the brightening morning in this landscape art, and the contrast between a bright morning sky, with the darker hills waiting for the sun to rise high enough to light it makes challenges a camera.

The time of day is clear from the lights on the car, and a soft creamy glow at the horizon.