Lynne Roebuck (Handwritten) 
Painting of a lively sea and calm seagulls near Whitby

Sea painting:‘Saltwick Nab’

This sea painting is an oil on canvas light-hearted artwork. If you're familiar with the UK seaside town of Whitby, you'll know exactly where this is. The rocks on the horizon are called 'Saltwick Nab' and I believe it is not a naturally occurring formation, but man-made. It was created when Alum mining was active on the Yorkshire coast. The nab is a distinctive feature which can be seen from Whitby Harbour walls.

Whenever I've visited, the ocean between Saltwick Nab and the harbour has more often than not been lively, often with big waves splashing on to the harbour wall. Of course the seagulls take it all in their stride, resting on the port wall facing into the wind, while no one's around.

This sea painting does not take itself too seriously. The water is painted with fun and energy in mind, inspired by the delight of witnessing the big swells that roll in on this part of the coast on a bracing day at the seaside.

  • Image size: 41cm x 41cm (16" x 16")
  • Medium: oil
  • Ground: canvas

This art is just one of a growing collection on this site inspired by Whitby and the sea.

I've also shown the mini gouache painting I produced before starting this oil on canvas artwork, along with the detail shots.