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Bird Colony Linocut Seabird Colony At Bempton Cliffs Lino Print - Lynne Roebuck
Lynne Roebuck (Handwritten) 
A Gannet and other seabirds make their way to the cliffs from the sea

Bird colony linocut:‘Seabird Cliffs’

A remarkable colony of seabirds nesting high above the sea on 400ft chalk cliffs was the inspiration for this print. An RSPB site near Bridlington, on the Yorkshire coast, called Bempton Cliffs host the largest accessible seabird colony in the UK. Gannets, Puffins and Kittiwakes are among the almost half a million seabirds that nest on these towering cliffs each year.

  • Image size: 13cm x 35cm (5.11" x 13.8")
  • Edition size: 28
  • Medium: linocut
  • Method: reduction-cut
  • Passes through press: 5
  • Paper: Magnani Litho 310gsm White

A modestly sized print considering the epic landscape it's celebrating. Made using the reduction-cut method, the print has been through the press a total of five times. Originally planned as a four colour linocut, I felt it needed a final fifth subtle tone adding to the land to give it a finesse. This sometimes happens because original printmaking is a creative process.