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Lynne Roebuck (Handwritten)
A statue gazes out to sea, with his buddy, a seagull, perched cheekily on top of his head.

Digital art:‘The Winsome Captain & his friend’

This art, in the style of my linocuts, has been painted using a computer.

A silhouetted statue of a sea captain, set high on a hill, winsomely gazes out over the harbour from which he set sail on an epic journey of discovery. The seafarer is Captain Cook, and the location is Whitby on the East coast of Yorkshire, UK.

Standing one‑legged on his head, keeping him company, is his seagull friend. There always seems to be a sea bird cheekily perched on the chap, whenever I visit him.

In the background to the right on the opposite side of the River Esk, which flows out to sea here, is Whitby Abbey, high on the top of a steep climb.

The River Esk starts in the North Yorkshire moors 28 miles (48km) to the West of the town.

original art

  • Medium: Digital (Computer)

To the left of the Captain, are the two characteristic Whitby harbour lighthouses – one tall, one small – marking this unique and famous gateway to the sea, and world beyond.

Why famous? Apart from Captain Cook, a ship called 'The Demeter' ran aground in Whitby harbour on Tate Hill Sands. It brought Dracula with it! (In Chapter 7, in case you needed to know)

This location, overlooking the harbour, is a great place to view the distinctive seaside town that is Whitby.

It's a prime position for enjoying the parade of boats arriving and leaving, and for watching the world go by. A perfect subject for landscape art.

How I made this art

This landscape art, in the style of my linocuts, has captured the sense of the place, I'm pleased to say. With the big sky, often wild; the stretching arms of the distinctive harbour, and the statue standing tall, looking out to sea. It's an epic, yet human place filled with stories.

This is a vibrant digital painting with the charm of being hand drawn and painted, in a style unique to me. The advantage of digital art is that I can offer it at a lower price than my original linocuts, and in a variety of sizes too.

I'll confirm all this, once I've sorted out being able to order via this website. My digital fine art prints will be made using archival inks on museum quality fine art paper, by professional printers – so the art will outlast both me and you, if treated with care.

how I made this artwork

I've added a video showing how I made a pencil sketch on paper first. Then I photographed the sketch and used it as a guide to draw and paint the artwork directly on the computer, using what's called a stylus (computer paintbrush).

I was experimenting rather a lot, so the video is a bit jumpy at times. I've also worked on the painting some more since making the video, adding more texture and adjusting things.

That's the only thing about digital art: the challenge of stopping yourself messing around with it, is even greater than when using actual paint!

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