Lynne Roebuck (Handwritten) 

Thought you might like this: how I plan my prints

Thank you for visitimg my website. I hope it helps you with your project/assignment

A lot of printmakers don't use as many colours in their prints as I do…

That's because it's harder – it takes a lot more planning than other prints, for a start!

In this video, I'm not drawing by the way, I'm often erasing, like carving out my lino block. The bits you carve away are the bits that don't print. If I decide to make this lino print, how many times do you think it will need to go through my printmakers press? Four times is the answer. Can you see the four versions of the lino block I'd be using? And which colour would be the last one to be printed?

You guessed didn't you! You know what you've just watched don't you…? And you're right, it is drawn on an ipad – well done. A lot of the art below was planned by drawing it this way first before cutting into any lino.

Can you figure out the answer to the question at the bottom of the page?

I tell you more about my landscape art, if you'd like to know. I hope I've helped you with your research/project.

Question: Look at the texture shown really close-up below. Why is the print textured like that, do you think? If you visit the page about the print, it will tell you why it's speckled with white dots.

A sweeping bay toward a seaside town
A detail from " Walking the Coast" showing clearly the texture of a hand made linocut print