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Lynne Roebuck (Handwritten)
Whitby from high on the cliffs by St Marys Church (Detail of larger painting)

Whitby art – paintings and prints

This Whitby art collection, containing both paintings and prints (linocuts & digital), is inspired by the popular seaside town on the East Coast of Yorkshire, UK.

With a romantic and dramatic history set by the North Sea and North Yorkshire Moors landscape – both beautiful – there's no end of artistic possibilities for a fine artist, painter and printmaker with a love of landscape such as myself.

Making Art Inspired by Whitby

Whitby has it all for a painter and printmaker, from the point of view of landscape, coast and sea. The town has drama and character, as well as a typical seaside resort atmosphere on sunny summer days. The beach to the North of the harbour is perfect for donkey rides, building castles and strolling along the waters edge.

Though it's a bit of a trek out onto the coast miles from anywhere, it's always worth it. Bad weather up there can be dramatic, while sunshine at the seaside is always good.

I've lots of sketched ideas for art inspired by Whitby, and not enough hours in the day to make it all (always my lament). Having recently finished my Whitby Harbour artwork, I'm now ready to start making some more Whitby art.