A track leads across the moor toward Bumper Hagg in the distance

Bilsdale, Yorkshire:
Toward Bumper Hagg

This painting was completed up on the North York Moors in the sweltering heat of one of the hottest of hot days in the summer. Most sheep had retreated to any shade they could find – only the three silly ones you can see on the track, beyond the small wooden structure, were marching about in it. They were nearly as daft as me, sitting there getting baked.

The light was incredible, the colours delightful and the oasis of the valley in the distance, enticing. Perhaps that's where the animals were headed.

  • Image size: 25.4cm x 30.5cm (10" x 12")
  • Medium: oil
  • Ground: canvas panel

Painting en plein air is often challenging. It's not just bad weather, but good weather too. It can mean your paints dry on the palette before they've got onto the canvas for example! Painting outside is strangely addictive though. Perhaps I'm just madder than the sheep.