The distincive Hawnby Hill rises in the distance with heather and a lone tree in the foreground.

Affordable painting:
Hawnby Hill

Another plein air painting made in the North York Moors. Hawnby Hill is a distinctive hill between Hawnby and Osmotherly. It sits at the head of the lush Bilsdale right on the edge of the heather upland on a beautiful if narrow road.

  • Image size: 18.4cm x 35.6cm (7" x 14")
  • Medium: oil
  • Ground: canvas panel
There are very few distinctive hills in the North York Moors, mostly consisting of high expansive heathland. Hawnby Hill and its neighbour, Easterside Hill though, are both steep sided and picturesque from numerous directions.

Seen from the North, as here, the foreground is dabbed with individual trees set in the heather, looking like they have a tough time of it. They have much character and would make paintings themselves, often twisted and leaning away from some unseen force which is difficult to imagine on a summers day.

No doubt I'll paint in the area again with so much inspiring material to 'go‑at'.