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Lynne Roebuck (Handwritten)
Painting of Whitby harbour from the top of the cliff

Painting:‘Whitby Harbour’

An oil painting of a classic view of Whitby Harbour with its distinctive piers and breakwaters. A harbour defying the wild North Sea and protecting the entrance to the river Esk which flows out here.

This view, as many who've visited will recognise, is from St Mary's churchyard high above the town.

It's well worth climbing the old steps to the top of the hill to stand and gaze out over this scene (though there is a carpark up at the top too).

Anyone familiar with the famous Yorkshire seaside town of Whitby, here in the UK, will know this view well. Countless photographers choose this spot hoping for glorious sunsets.

Whitby is an ancient settlement dating from 656 – Viking raiders destroying a monastery there in 867. This rich, if turbulent history, has continued throughout the town's existance, famous for Captain Cook, Whitby Abbey and of course Count Dracula.

original studio oil painting

  • Artwork Size: 50.5 x 50.5 cm (20 x 20 ins)
  • Medium: oil
  • Ground: canvas

Apart from that, it's a lovely old fishing town, especially around Church Street, with expansive sands and delicious fresh fish and chips! What more could you want for a grand day-out at the seaside?

I'm a regular visitor to Whitby on a wild, harsh, and yet beautiful part of the Yorkshire East Coast. I visit for fun, as well as in working mode for my art. I've quite a few Whitby inspired artworks on this website already as a result. I'll no doubt keep adding to them. I've a list of works to complete. Every time I visit I add more!

How I created 'Whitby Harbour'

I'm so proud of how this Whitby landscape painting turned out. I aimed to capture the feeling of being up high on the cliffs, in a slight but fresh breeze gently agitating the grasses at the top.

This was one of those paintings that takes a long-long time. Mainly because I had to put it aside while I figured out what I needed to do next.

The canvas spent quite a lot of time turned to the wall in my studio between bouts of painting. It meant I could look at it with fresh eyes, and what I'd been missing often jumped out at me then. Sometimes, it takes a while to see what an artwork is telling you it needs.

I've more plans for Whitby art to add to my growing collection of Whitby paintings and prints. There are other paintings of Whitby Harbour I want to make, as well as some more classic views on my list.

Every year I plan Plein‑air painting trips and sketching forays to the area, though I never manage to fit in as many as I hope.

I keep contemplating making the Whitby a focus for my landscape art for a whole year – a year where I 'do-Whitby'. I'd love to have a comprehensive Whitby art collection, as a homage to a place I love. So far I've not had the opportunity, but I'm ever hopeful the day will come.

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