Lynne Roebuck (Handwritten) 
Sunken lane passes beneath windswept trees with a glistening sea beyond

Devon oil painting:‘The Way to Prawle Point’

Oh this Devon oil painting brings back so many happy memories. I spent a glorious week on a painting holiday in the South Hams in Devon, UK. On my first day out, I rounded a corner on the way to Prawle Point (the most southerly part of the county) and could not believe my eyes: I was looking at this painting – complete with a distant pleasure boat, exactly where I've painted it, on an idyllic glinting blue-blue sea! Perfection.

It was April and to my delight, there were Bluebells everywhere. I have a dear friend who's Devon born and she swears this painting could be of nowhere else but this lovely county. The distinctive narrow sunken lanes were a revelation to me, a Yorkshire lass, and a little unnerving at first.

Visiting Prawle Point is quite an experience altogether, with a long twisting sunken narrow lane leading to a car park that feels like it's never ever crowded. Popping out of the wood where the car park is, is a delight of discovery with views up the coast and the coast guard station high on Prawle Point itself. Walking up and down the coast presents a feast of spectacular scenery around every corner. As a result, you've possibly guessed, I've several other paintings to do of the wonderful day I spent on this part of the Devon coast. Ah Devon, I long to come back.

  • Image size: 50.5cm x 50.5cm (20" x 20"")
  • Medium: oil
  • Ground: canvas

Below the main image you'll see a couple of details and the acrylic painting I did before starting the larger oil painting.

Limited edition giclée print of this painting available soon.