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Lynne Roebuck (Handwritten)
A turquoise sea, swaying grasses, Bridlington in the background and martins overhead

Seaside oil painting:‘The Turquoise Bay’

This seaside landscape oil painting, on canvas, was inspired during a walk by the sea around a coastal headland on a beautiful summer's day

An oil painting inspired by Bridlington as I hiked around Flamborough Head one day.

Flamborough Head sticks out into the sea by about 8 miles (13km), I believe. The 9 miles I walked that day did not cover the whole of the coastline attributed to the headland.

This painting depicts one of the notable characteristics of walking this part of the coast. The numerous dips you climb down and back up again.

It was a marvelous day: bright sunshine glittered on a turquoise sea, under a blue sky over the wide sweeping bay. The sunshine was all the more precious because of the gathering cloud in the distance. Fortunately it stayed away.

original studio oil painting

  • Painting Size: 41 x 41 cm (16 x 16 ins)
  • Medium: oil
  • Ground: canvas

Acrobatic little birds, nesting near-by, flitted past up and down the cliff edge. Martins nest in the sandy top soil along this coast in summer.

They passed so close at times you felt like you could reach out and touch them. They're the detail that completes this landscape art.

A perfect summer day made all the more precious by the approach of rain from over the seaside town in the distance.

I've lots of ideas for other paintings inspired by this walk so watch this space as they say.

How I painted 'Turquoise Bay'

I wanted to keep this painting simple, vibrant and bold. Yet, at the same time, I wanted to capture the richness of the Summer's day.

The long late Summer grasses, with the profusion of seed heads and the beginning of yellowing, betraying which way the wind blows.

The path meandering among it all, down and back up the undulating contours. The hardy Gorse, so common on the English coast, clinging to the cliff top.

My walk inspired may other ideas for paintings. Some of them are in development, but are taking time because other subjects have pushed their way on to my to‑list.

There are also several mini works on paper (Gouache) I produced as part of the process of figuring out how to make this painting. One of these is shown on the left/top of the three small images above.