Lynne Roebuck (Handwritten) 
A tree sits at the centre of a farmland landscape

Farmland wildlife painting:‘Hedgerow’

A small oil painting showing farmland and lots of wildlife. The wheat has been cut and the fields lie waiting to be ploughed. At the centre is a hedgerow marked with a large tree, a sanctuary for both animals and plants, amidst the closely controlled fields. These 'lanes' of green wildness stride through the arable land, giving wildlife a hiding place and means of safely moving around.

An oil on canvas board, this painting shows a variety of animal and bird life I've witnessed myself, having grown-up in the countryside. This art is inspired by a hedgerow near where I lived. The trees in the distance are part of a large dense wood where the deer will retreat to.

  • Image size: 25.2cm x 25.2cm (10" x 10"")
  • Medium: oil
  • Ground: canvas board

There are far more Roe Deer than you would imagine, roaming from woodland to woodland, over our fields here in the UK. Cars pass along the lanes unaware of whole herds of these super alert animals, watching them pass – it seems moving cars are not a problem so long as they keep moving. It's in the woods they spend most of their time though and I've collected reference material, including sketches and photos in order to make more paintings with these lovely creatures in them. My mother would disagree that they're entirely adorable. Given their tendency to steal across the fields at night, in search of new spring growth in the herbaceous borders of the nearest garden, and low hanging new shoots on apple trees in orchards, I can understand this.

My surname, Roebuck, according to my family history searches, is quite possibly derived from some ancient connection with these quiet creatures, so I'm keen to depict them in my countryside paintings if I can, regardless of their dining habits.