Lynne Roebuck (Handwritten) 
An intense light sky with fluffly clouds above a wide sweeping sandy bay, a couple walk their dogs

Original painting:‘Beach Light’

An original beach oil painting of an intensely bright sunny crisp day by the sea.

A couple stroll along the sandy shoreline of a wide sweeping bay, with light dancing on a calm sea and distant horizon, while fluffy clouds float languidly in the blue-blue sky. Of course this is the UK, so t-shirts are not yet sensible. We all love these special idyllic, often unexpectedly bright days we get here in the UK. When we can stroll along the beach breathing in the fresh sea air, while the sea sparkles and the light dances ahead of us.

  • Image size: 41cm x 41cm (16" x 16")
  • Medium: oil
  • Ground: canvas

An original oil on canvas that I hope to offer as signed limited edition giclée prints soon. As ever I have more beach paintings planned to follow this one which turned out so well. Some of you may recognize this beach, though it could be any number of beaches on the UK coastline. (My reference for it was Bridlington South Beach). The couple are from imagination – one of the dogs is a friend!

Just a note – one of the pains of an artist's life is trying to get good photographs of their artwork. This image is currently a bit darker than the original, especially at the bottom. Only a tiny bit, but enough to irritate an artist! So I'll be trying to remedy that in between working toward my next exhibition and then update this page. For a giclée print, the painting will be professionally scanned using special equipment, so have no fear, a print will be true to the original painting.