Lynne Roebuck (Handwritten) 
A climbing rose on an old autumnal cherry tree

Autumn tree art:‘The Old Rose And Cherry’

This Autumn tree art shows an old care‑worn but dignified ornamental cherry, supporting a climbing rose. It's a small oil painting inspired by my parents slightly neglected, but still beautiful garden.

Visiting one day, I saw fairy rings had appeared in the lawn, along with other fungi. It struck me I was looking at a painting, so I set to sketching it. This artwork is the result.

  • Image size: 25.2cm x 25.2cm (10" x 10"")
  • Medium: oil
  • Ground: canvas board

The palette of early Autumn

The colour scheme of this tree art reflects a dull, but clear early Autumn day in an enclosed garden. The old Ornamental Cherry that's seen better days has already lost most of its leaves and those that remain are a deep yellow ochre.

Cherries often lose their leaves before other trees, sensitive to temperature extremes and changes.

The vibrant red rose with its glossy green leaves looks like Summer is still in full flow. A curious red Robin stands out against the dark of the shrubs behind, quietly echoing the red of the roses.

A black Pheasant sneaks quietly into the border near the lone red and white fungi. A marker for Autumn, the fairy rings are distinct and many, in the leaf‑littered lawn. All of these things signal Autumn beginning.

A sentimental painting

The painting speaks of a reflective time as Summer wanes, and before the full riot of blazing Autumn colours. The memories of energetic Summer days and the prospect of Winter cosying by the fire mingle, like the Rose and the Cherry Tree. It's the sentiment behind this painting.

This Autumn tree art works well as a pair, with 'A Moment In The Sun'. They mirror those spaces in‑between during the year.

Above: The Autumn tree painting is displayed here, at the bottom of in an offset pair. A Moment In The Sun is above it.

Displaying your Autumn tree art

An old masters feel with a contemporary naive style

This painting, and its cousin (A Moment In The Sun) sit equally comfortably in a contemporary or traditional interior.

The illustration above shows a room with contemporary lighting and modern comfortable chair. The walls are fashionable contrasting colours.

At the same time, the fabrics have a more traditional style. It's a sophisticated approach to an interior that's subtly eclectic with traditional texture and pattern sitting side by side with contemporary design.

The Autumn tree painting has a contemporary approach to perspective (an approach that could be caled naive), combined with a traditional colour palette. It's a perfect accent in just about any interior.

Deep rich colour

Darker pigments in oil paints are enriched by the oil ingredient. It means the paint retains a lustre and richness in the darkest tones while other mediums don't.

The richness of oils in subdued, dark colours is a challenge for cameras without full studio lighting. Even then, it requires no small amount of skill in photography to capture oil paint's unique lustre at the darker end of the paint palette. It's been difficult to do the painting justice here on my website.

The old masters made much use of oil's rich umber pigments, and it's why this painting has echoes of an old master. I'm not claiming any greatness here, because the painting painted itself. I know, it seems a silly thing to say, but it's how it was.

The subtle detail in the background of this Autumn tree painting that gives it depth is really clear above