Lynne Roebuck (Handwritten) 
A curve backed wooden dining chair has been brought out into the sunshine

Garden Painting:
‘A Moment in the Sun’

An unsentimental, yet heart-warming modest garden painting of those moments enjoying some Spring sun.

One of those surprising days early in the year, when the sun manages to generate sufficient warmth for sitting in. A secret corner behind the flowering Viburnum and ornamental Gorse, out of the wind and away from the day-to-day chores in the house, is pure heaven. We all love those stolen moments, don't we?

  • Image size: 25.4cm x 25.4cm (10" x 10")
  • Medium: oil
  • Ground: canvas board

This garden painting is based on a real place. I don't live there anymore, more's the pity, but it's not forgotten. Large flowering shrubs provide shelter. A plain wooden dining chair has been brought out of the house into the garden to take advantage of the sun, with a cuppa and book (perhaps a sketchbook, a notebook, maybe a novel). A spur of the moment act on realising some warm, still and peaceful relaxation among the flowers was to be had. Just what gardens are for, IMHO.

I'm hoping this unpretentious garden painting is the first of a series. I'm on the hunt for equally authentic scenes, because I find they're quite difficult to make-up 100% from imagination, curiously. So I'll be out scouting gardens up and down the country for little gems to paint, like this – wish me luck!