Lynne Roebuck (Handwritten) 
We see part of the bay, below us, with the stack clearly visible.

Seaside:‘Rock Stack at Selwick’

Sitting high above the sea on top of the cliffs, a pinnacle of rock left by the action of the sea stands proudly (Painted on location)

I have a linocut inspired by this kind of landscape feature called Sea Stacks. Both of these celebrate the wonderful natural rock formations the sea carves.

  • Image size: 39cm x 56cm (15.5" x 22")
  • Medium: acrylic
  • Ground: 300lb watercolour paper

This painting was painted while sitting on top of the cliffs at Selwicks Bay, Flamborough Head, UK. I hadn't been able to get down into the bay itself and instead found myself battling the wind to complete a final painting for the day. Painted in acrylic on heavy watercolour paper, it captures something of the sense of tumbling land with lots of movement in the contours. This whole area is constantly changing with the action of the sea. The stack will have originally been an arch, that has now collapsed. There are indeed many arches along this coast.

Flamborough Head is a place that could keep me occupied painting it for a lifetime. There are so many picturesque views. No wonder individual and groups of photography enthusiasts visit the location for the landscape and seascapes views.

Please note the size quoted above is the size of the image itself, the paper is not much bigger so some framing methods may cover some of the image slightly.

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