Lynne Roebuck (Handwritten) 
Black sheep stand in a wintery field, filled with mole hills

Painting of sheep:‘January sheep, busy moles’

This modest acrylic sheep painting is one I'm desparate to reproduce in oil at a much bigger scale.

One attempt to do so is sitting in my studio in a corner labelled "really not sure". Sometimes, there is a quality to an initial painting which I simply fail to scale up. It can be a right old battle.

  • Image size: 22.8cmcm x 22.8cm (9" x 9")
  • Medium: acrylic
  • Ground: 300lb watercolour paper

Being an artist often requires perseverence and I'm determined to make the painting that this one points the way to.

A wintery scene, where black sheep feed in a field on a small-holding that is covered with mole hills. Three birch trees with wonderfully rich colours decorate the scene adding that special unexpected something to it all. I saw this scene – yes it's not made up, it really is a place – and I was captivated by it while hiking round Northamptonshire on a particularly wet, dark winters day. I had to stop and marvel at it while my colleagues marched on ahead oblivious to the beauty as seems so often the case on walks. Yes, I'm a nightmare to hike with because I want to stop and stare all the time. There's another painting I need to do inspired by this arresting scene, which will have a flock of white geece in it.