Lynne Roebuck (Handwritten) 
The beach stretches as far as the eye can see, wide and expansive with the castle on the horizon

Northumberland:‘Beach at Bamburgh’

The beach at Bamburgh Castle is epic – no other word for it.

My acrylic painting tries to capture the glorious wide sand stretching for as far as the eye can see. The castle sits above the sand on its recognisable mound, with the dunes in the below it. Bamburgh and its castle on the Northumberland coast really is a marvellously unique place.

I've managed to go three times so far. Once on the way back home, as a last night there, having stayed on Lindisfarne Island for a few days. I got up in the morning to discover the place shrouded in the thickest fog on that occasion – so thick you couldn't even see the castle from the beach! Fortunately the last two trips to Bamburgh have both been wonderful.

  • Image size: 22.8cmcm x 22.8cm (9" x 9")
  • Medium: acrylic
  • Ground: 300lb watercolour paper

This painting explores an idea for a full blown oil painting. The shapes in the sand made by the receding sea and the seagulls standing facing into the wind blowing off the land are a typical feature on quieter days. You know the dog won't catch them, don't you. This was painted after my first week staying in Bamburgh (some three years ago now). It looks South toward the castle from the North.

I've recently stayed at Bamburgh again for a week (2019) and have really got a better feel for the place. It takes time to absorb a place and though I felt I'd got to know some of the rhythum of the location, I'd not really developed my painting skills sufficiently during my 2016 visit. This meant that when I got back home, I struggled. Such a shame it's so far away, that I'm only able to have a short time there once in a while. I'm much more hopeful my recent paintings made while sitting on the beach, rocks and dunes will lead to linocuts and oil paintings this time – we'll see.

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