Lynne Roebuck (Handwritten) 
Here we see the edge of the land where it meets the beach. A path meanders along this boundary.

Bamburgh Castle Painting:
‘The beach path to the castle’

In this Bamburgh Castle painting, you see the path that meanders along the edge of where land meets beach. One of the best walks in the country.

I have walked this path so many times. It follows the edge of the beach from Black Point over the rocks to the expansive sands that are Bamburgh beach in the distance. I've only walked it when the tide has been out. I'm not sure you could use it when the tide's fully in. It crosses rocks and sand as well as steps up onto grassy mounds as you see here.

  • Image size: 29.7 x 42.0cm (11.69" x 16.53") - A3
  • Kind: Study
  • Medium: acrylic
  • Ground: 300lb watercolour paper

I've visited Bamburgh castle several times, painting around the dunes and on the beach. It's a location I doubt I could ever tire of. Every few feet there is a view to paint. It's an ever changing landscape, with the tides and the weather blowing out to sea. The light hitting the castle changes from moment to moment at times. It's an expansive place, on a large scale – the dunes are immense, stretching all the way to Seahouses three and half miles down the coast. The beach itself is one of those shelving beaches glently sloping into the sea. It means the low tide goes out a long way revealing a huge expanse of soft sand.

The whole Northumbrian coast is a gem, with three wonderful castles within easy reach. Dunstanburgh and Lindesfarne (Holy Island) castles are all very different in character and each one has a dramatic location. For a landscape artist, painting these castles is pure joy as the compositions they naturally arrange themselves into mean you can just crack on painting them without the need for much artistic license. No need to move things about. I have a long list of Bamburgh Castle paintings I want to complete and hope to create a collection of studio paintings from many of these paintings made on location.

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