A vivid auburn sunset lino print

Sunset linoprint:
Auburn Skies

A glowing bold modern landscape original print celebrating the golden hour

Colours and light change quickly in the fire and dynamism of a sunsets final dramatic moments. Clouds billow through the glowing sky, adding their distinctive thrill to a days finale.

The ink has been applied to each plate in a way which creates subtle streaks, textures and a great deal of character to each print in this edition limited to only fifteen. It is a modestly sized original print with a big bold impact.

Exhibited at St Peters Church art show (near Betty's) in Harrogate Yorkshire. Other prints displayed: 'Stacks' and 'Coast'.

  • Image size: 13cm x 35cm (5" x 14")
  • Method: linocut
  • Edition size: 15
  • Passes through press: 4
  • Paper: