Seaside art print

Seaside art print:
Three Bays

This seaside art print is an original print – a linocut. It is inspired by the English coast, with its wide sweeping bays and multiple headlands.

Evoking those breathtaking sunny days beside the sea, with endless cloudless skies, vivid blues, a brisk breeze and hazy distant horizons.

This original art print was put through the printmaker's press three times, each time with a different colour and more of the lino cut-away. This is called the ‘reduction-cut’ way of making an original linocut. The third colour was painted onto the carved lino, rather than applied using a roller. This gives the sea character and texture.

Selected for the 2011 Open Art Exhibition at Ferens Art Gallery, Hull UK.

  • Image size: 18cm x 20cm (7" x 8")
  • Method: linocut
  • Edition size: 25
  • Passes through press: 3
  • Paper: Magnani Litho (300gsm Extra White)