Lynne Roebuck (Handwritten) 
Seascape lino print

Seascape lino print:

Sold Out

This sea inspired linocut art is one of many seascape lino prints here on this website. The sea and coast is a constant inspiration to me. I've made quite a few seascape linocuts. Many of them have been picked out for special mention in art shows. My first two sea prints sold-out before I'd had chance to make new seascape lino prints – I've put this right since!

This linocut was actively developed during its production. Contrary to its appearance, there was little pre-planning involved. The result is a highly characterful three plate lino print with much to commend it.

The first ‘key’ lino block was hand inked for each print in the limited edition. The final, third, plate added a subtle semi-transparent and graduated layer. This last layer of ink made this original print sparkle - which is not captured by the illustration.

Many of my seascape lino prints have been made this way.

Selected for Ferens Open 2009 art exhibition at Hull public art gallery, Yorkshire, UK.

  • Image size: 20cm x 18cm (8" x 7")
  • Method: linocut
  • Edition size: 25
  • Passes through press: 3
  • Paper: Fabriano (Cream/off‑white)