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Seascape lino print

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Seascape lino print:‘Headland’

This sea inspired linocut art is one of many seascape lino prints here on this website. The sea and coast is a constant inspiration to me. I've made quite a few seascape linocuts. Many of them have been picked out for special mention in art shows. My first two sea prints sold-out before I'd had chance to make new seascape lino prints – I've put this right since!

This linocut was actively developed during its production. Contrary to its appearance, there was little pre-planning involved. The result is a highly characterful three plate lino print with much to commend it.

  • Image size: 20cm x cm (8" x 7")
  • Edition size: 25
  • Medium: linocut
  • Method: multiple blocks
  • Passes through press: 3
  • Paper: Fabriano (Cream/off‑white)

The first ‘key’ lino block was hand inked for each print in the limited edition. The final, third, plate added a subtle semi-transparent and graduated layer. This last layer of ink made this original print sparkle - which is not captured by the illustration.

Many of my seascape lino prints have been made this way.


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