Lynne Roebuck (Handwritten) 
Making linocut/lino prints

What is a linocut, lino or linoleum print?

Original print art…

Linocut, lino or linoleum prints are made by carving into a block of lino/linoleum. Not the flooring lino, but an artist's lino which is specially made for the art.

In brief, a block of lino is cut, then inked and put through a press. Linocuts are what's called: original prints. The distinctive thing about original prints is that they are not made by pressing a 'print' button on a computer or printing machine. Lino cutting is just one way of making original prints.

Below is a visual step-by-step I'm developing which hopefully helps you understand what a lino print is

How Linocut prints are made, in pictures:

  • A sketch of the statue in Whitby

    1. Sketch a design & 2. plan the colours
  • Different sizes of lino in a box

    3. Cut lino block to size
  • Stack of paper and lino blocks

    4. Cut paper to size
  • Burnisher, drawing and lino

    5. Transfer design to lino
  • Partly inked drawing

    6. 'Fix' the drawing on the lino
  • Creating a positioning template

    7. Set up the press
  • Lino block partly carved

    8. Carve the lino
  • Matching colour to planned

    9. Mix the ink/colour
  • Large inked roller next to inked block

    10. Ink the lino block
  • Inked block and freshly printed paper peeling back

    11. Put through the press
  • Prints hanging above the press

    12. Put the print to dry
  • Lino block being cleaned of ink

    …Clean up