Lynne Roebuck (Handwritten) 

Buying original prints from this, my website

Questions answered…

This information applies to my linocuts only

I tend to sell my prints through art galleries. I'm planning to begin selling from this website though, so thought I'd begin collecting together some of the questions I've been asked about buying my prints this way.

I hope they help…

    • Are the prints mounted?
    • When sold from this website, they are not.

      I supply my prints unmounted from this website, because they survive the postal system better that way, due to being quite flexible. I print my linocuts using high quality, specialist archival, fine art papers – and paper is flexible. Cardboard mounts on the other hand, are prone to corners getting bent, and worse in the post, despite my best efforts, because of cardboard's rigidity.

      When buyers are willing to accept the risk the mount might arrive less than perfect, then yes, I've put a mount around the print for them. Framers often throw away a mount and cut a new one anyway, when they're asked to frame an artwork. Of course, when the print is a gift, it makes a better present in a mount, even a mount with bent corners can be better than no mount at all, sometimes!

    • Are the prints only available in the one size?
    • Yes, they are only available in the size stated.

      These linocuts are fine art “original prints” which means they're made without plugs, on/off switches or 'print' buttons. You can see the process in pictures here. For this reason, making lots of sizes available is simply not practical I'm afraid.

      A scan or photograph of my linocuts would soon result in fuzzy and poor quality Giclée prints, if enlarged even by a small amount – so this is not a solution sadly, though it would be the easiest to do. It's often the way isn't it: easy does not equal good.

      I am considering releasing a range of digital art giclée prints, because I'm often asked for different sizes and this would be the perfect solution. Though they'd be in a similar style to my linocuts, they would be very different prints, made in an entirely different way – even the artwork would need to be recreated. They would also be machine printed on a big fancy Giclée inkjet printer, by a third party using lots of plugs, on/off switches and most certainly a 'print' button.

    • How is payment taken?
    • I use Paypal to send a request because it's secure and trustworthy. This will change when I add Paypal buttons to this website as I hope to do.