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Lynne Roebuck (Handwritten)

Bamburgh Castle Paintings…

I've been up to Bamburgh Castle, on the UK's Northumberland coast, three times specifically to paint it from the dunes and beach.

Paintings of Bamburgh Castle

21 November 2019

Pronounced ‘Bambra’, or if you prefer ‘Bamburra’ (Either is fine), Bamburgh Castle always takes my breath away as I arrive in the village below it. It's a perfect painting subject.

Bamburgh Castle on the wild and dramatic Northumbrian coast of the UK, is a fairytale place. It's been part of my journey as a landscape artist. I first spent a week there in 2016 trying to get to grips with painting seriously outside. I was not very experienced and lacked confidence, but felt that the castle would be a perfect thing to paint. It is so beautifully sited on it's prominent rock in the dunes that it arranges itself into a perfect composition from pretty much any view point you happen across.

The next visit was this year (2019). Again a week there expressly to paint. The weather was not as kind, but considering all the rain, it was very good during a year that hasn't been. I took my new found confidence and some of my new plein-air kit knowing it's actually a challenging subject to paint. It's challenging because it's so epic. The weather was so changable that I rapidly abandoned any notion of painting in oils and instead made many studies using acrylic paint on paper. Being able to rock up and complete a painting with minimum set-up time and scurry away when the rain rolled-in was a good strategy for completing many studies. I'd faired better than the first time I went to Bamburgh – there was no thick fog obscuring the castle!

I'm pleased to say that many of the studies I've completed are begging to be tackled in the studio and as I look at them, I can recall so much of the richness in the scene, which is always a good sign a painting will be a success. I hope to visit again some day, because wherever you stand or sit, the castle begs a painting.

It's an ever changing landscape, with tides, light, animated dune grass, flowers, birds and people all adding to the richness of this breath taking magical place. I cannot imagine ever tiring of it.

My growing plein air oil collection

Exploring an idea for a painting
Thumbnail for an oil painting of Bamburgh beach
Bamburgh in the dunes
Sketchbook showing sketch of Bamburgh Castle
Black and white sketch of an idea
Black and white sketch for a painting