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Bamburgh Castle Paintings and Lino Prints

Updated: 2 November 2018

I've big plans for 2019 regarding Bamburgh, having booked a week there, mid year, to paint en plein air.

Though I've spent a wonderful week in this part of the UK making sketches and recording the area some time ago, I've found it deeply challenging, translating my sketches into finished paintings. It's all part of my development as an artist of course – nothing happens overnight – so while I'm frustrated, I know I have to accept it takes time to evolve as a painter and printmaker. No one becomes a high quality accomplished professional artist without the essential long-game ingredients of both tenacity and dedication.

Having made plein air oil painting part of my oeuvre during 2018 and gained confidence dealing with the challenges of painting with oils outside, I've decided I can go back to Bamburgh to 'do the job properly this time!'

I just can't put the excitement I feel at the prospect of a week painting on the fabulous Northumberland coast into words. I'd love to become 'The' Bamburgh painter, despite living nearly 150 miles away (I must be mad)! I hope you'll come back here to see how I get on with this mission.

My growing plein air oil collection

A painter and printmaker's paradise

Updated: 11 Jun 2017

I spent a week on the coast up at Bamburgh Castle, Northumberland, UK, during late July 2016. A beautiful and dramatic fairytale landscape I love – one of my most favourite places in England.

I came back with lots of sketches for paintings and prints, which unfortunately I've not been able to progress as fast as I hoped due to other commitments. I'm hoping to progress rather more rapidly over the next few months and some of the preliminary artwork (sketches and paintings) is shown below

Whether I will work up all of these ideas into full oil paintings on canvas or linoprints, I cannot say, though I hope to create a collection devoted to this beautiful place.

Some of my other art for sale