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A pencil sketch, quite quick, of the castle with detail of the mound it sits on
A sketch I made in order to understand the shapes in the castle and its mount (on big screens you'll be viewing the sketch enlarged slightly!)

Bamburgh Castle Paintings…

…and lino prints

2 June 2019

I'm going to be up in Bamburgh this month (June '19) painting around the castle and possibly at Holy Island and Dunstanburgh. I've only a week and how much I get to explore will depend on the weather of course.

My mission last year (2018) was to become an experienced outdoor oil painter. Having now achieved that mission and gained confidence dealing with the challenges of painting with oils outside, I've decided I can go back to Bamburgh to 'do the job properly this time!'. I went up to Bamburgh – something I'd longed to do for years – in July 2016 hoping to collect enough reference to then paint confidently back in the studio. Ah, alas, I was not really at a level to achieve it then. Now I've another three years art experience under my belt, I'm hoping this trip will be a storming success.

Just can't put the excitement I feel in to words. The prospect of a week painting on the fabulous wild Northumberland coast gives me such a feeling inside. I'd love to become 'The' Bamburgh painter capturing truly iconic views of the place. This is despite living nearly 150 miles away (I must be mad)!

I hope you'll come back here in July or August to see what finished art I made while up there, and then again later once I've finished some studio based images of this wild and beautiful area – or Sign-up to my newsletter (Mailchimp)

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Updated: 2 June 2019

I spent a week on the coast up at Bamburgh Castle, Northumberland, UK, during July 2016. A beautiful and dramatic fairytale landscape I love – one of my most favourite places in England.

I came home with lots of sketches for paintings and prints, which unfortunately I've not been able to progress because I didn't really have enough experience to address the challenge of recording a place I was not that familiar with at the time sufficiently well. I'm hoping a second bite at the exercise will produce better results this time.

The castle sits darkly over the dunes, with the sun behind it and people walk on the beach. The tide is out and the dogs chase the seagulls, silly doggies.
A detail of a quick acrylic painting of Bamburgh Castle and its beach - trying out an idea for a more involved work of art
  • Exploring an idea for a painting

  • Thumbnail for an oil painting of Bamburgh beach

  • Bamburgh in the dunes

  • Sketchbook showing sketch of Bamburgh Castle

  • Black and white sketch of an idea

  • Black and white sketch for a painting

Whether I will work up all of my ideas into full large oil paintings on canvas or in to linoprints, I cannot say, though I hope to create a collection devoted to this beautiful place.

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