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Lynne Roebuck (Handwritten)
The jagged coast rises in the foreground and arcs away toward the lighthouse on the point

Lighthouse art:‘The Path to Start Point’

Start Point Lighthouse is a stunning part of the South Devon coast, UK.

This lighthouse bravely stands on the end of a long jagged finger of rock curving out into the sea, at the bottom of Start Bay.

There's a walk to it, down a winding road, from a carpark on the North side. Alternatively, after visiting Mattiscombe Bay first, the South East Coastal path take you there on the South side. It's breath‑taking either way.

If you've visited Devon, and this wonderful location down the coast from Dartmouth, then you'll hopefully recognize this is the coast path approach, from Mattiscombe Bay.

In Spring the slopes here are filled with Bluebells, and it's a pure delight. I was fortunate to be there during April when the blue washed inclines tumbling to the sea were stunning.

This digital painting is in the style of a popular linocut print I made called “Coast” (See below). I've created it with the same drawing method I use when designing/planning my linocut prints.

The advantage of this way of making art, is I can offer it at a reduced price compared to my original lino prints.

original art

  • Medium: Digital (Computer)

There's no cutting lino or paper, mixing inks and individually printing each colour using my hand wound press. There's no waiting for each ink to dry before adding the next.

This artwork, after being hand‑drawn on a computer, is printed by a professional fine art printing company. They use the finest quality archival papers, inks and a high‑end printer.

Unlike my linoprints which come in one size only, I can offer this landscape print in several sizes: Medium, Large and Extra‑large. I can offer this landscape art even bigger by special request, and there's no loss of quality.

I've more lighthouse art I'm sketching ideas for at the time of writing this. There's something about lighthouses, isn't there?

I've also a long list of oil paintings I want to make of this part of Devon and… never enough hours in a day!