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Lynne Roebuck (Handwritten)
The sea stretches out beneath high cliffs, stacks and arches, with a path below us along the coast.

Coastline art:‘A View of the Coast’

A sweeping, epic view of a path along a typical coastline of high cliffs, stacks and arches.

This coastline art, in the style of my linocuts, is inspired by my travels on coastal paths around the UK. I've wended my way along the cliffs at the edges of Yorkshire, Wales and Devon, so far.

I've a memories of breathing‑in epic vistas, and marvelling at the ruggedness of some of the UK's most beautiful coastal landscapes.

It's not surprising this type of coastline is a recurring theme in the linocuts, paintings, and now digital art, in my collection.

Every Summer, I'm drawn to the cliffs at Flamborough Head and the towering heights above Whitby harbour, for example.

Whenever I'm near the coast, I often find myself wandering along the edge of land and sea – there's something about the activity isn't there.

original art

  • Medium: Digital (Computer)

This digital landscape art was created using the same approach as my original linocut prints. Not only is the style of the art similar, I created it using the same discipline.

Distinct layers of colour have been overlaid, one on the other, in the same way they would be if I were making a lino print. If this were made into a block print, it would need to pass through my printmakers press four times.

Some of the colours begin flat and plain, while others are graduated in the same way as a printmaker can vary the ink colour on their block of lino. Additionally, some of the colours are then painted into.

I've done all of this on many of my lino prints. This digital art, like the others in the style of my prints, could be used as a plan for a linocut.

This is why its style mirrors my hand‑made original prints.

I don't see any reason, though, to make a lino print that'd be almost exactly the same as this artwork, by the way. However, I might try it as an oil painting!

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