Lynne Roebuck (Handwritten) 
A path through the dunes leads to a long beach where a couple in the distance share a romantic moment

Beach art:‘A beach to ourselves’

A walk along a quiet beach is always romantic, whether with a special friend or three (human or canine) or without.

Dunes fringe this long sweeping beach with their lovely contours, colour and texture. I don't know what it is about dunes – perhaps it's their soft appearance, the way the grass and sand creates undulating mounds, or the ever moving grass. Any soft breeze causes so much animation, the place becomes alive. Add the sound of the sea and the noise of the sand under foot and, sigh, you're in one of the best places for feeling truly alive. My, you can tell I love being by the sea.

This beach is similar to places like Bamburgh Castle in Northumberland and Bantham Beach in Devon. Both beaches stretch wide and are approached through dunes. I have paintings to do by the pile of these two places and may try to make some specific digital art of them too. This painting however is imaginary, inspired by the memories of being on the beaches I've mentioned and others.

  • Image size: Max size to be confirmed
  • Medium: digital
  • Ground: museum grade art paper

This is a digital painting, painted using a computer like David Hockney has been doing – though not in his style of course. My painting is in the style of my linocuts which people like. I could make a linocut that would look very similar – it wouldn't be exactly the same, but possibly not far off. I'm not sure I'll make one because I don't see a reason to do so.

This print will be available in several sizes which I'm looking into at the moment and will set out here soon. The prints will be on museum quality archival paper in high quality archival inks called Giclée inks. This means the prints will outlast both me and you if treated with care.