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Lynne Roebuck (Handwritten)

Modern Prints

This collection of modern print art is very new, so I only have five landscapes at the moment. It has been made using modern techniques and technology.

This art will be for sale as prints in various sizes soon..

Why buy my modern prints

Updated: 7 Nov 2019 v2

If it's good enough for Hockney…

Unique art for less

The art, above, is all drawn/painted by me, using modern technology. It's unique to me and starts with an outdoor sketching trip. Back to the studio I draw/paint the images from a blank using modern technology. These are hand drawn/painted artworks that only I make.

Big on linocut style, smaller investment

My linocuts are hand drawn, then hand printed in the labour intensive traditional way – hence they cost more. These modern prints are also hand drawn but then printed using modern technology and high quality fine art archival inks and paper. The materials are pretty much the same for both types of prints. (The inks only differ in consistency really - one ink has to work with modern machinery, the other is printed by hand)

The modern prints are painted, using a computer, while the linocuts go straight to lino after the initial sketch. The respective printing processes are entirely different: one is traditional, while the other uses modern technology.

Printing my modern fine art prints takes a lot less time than printing my linocuts, and as a result, I can offer the modern prints at lower prices than my premium traditonally made linocut prints.

Art at a size you want

Where blocks of printmakers lino don't stretch at all, a computer file does (if it's planned for when creating the art). This means that not only can I offer my modern digital prints for less than my other art, I can offer them at different sizes. There are advantages to making art the modern way!

High quality total consistency

So the lesser expense of making the modern prints does not mean they are a poor quality fine art print. Far from it. They will outlast both me and you if treated kindly. The difference in price is entirely due to faster printing – it takes at least a month to print a traditional linocut edition. An equivalent modern printed edition could be printed in a day, two at the most!

Each modern print exactly reproduces the art you see above. My traditionally made linocut prints, by contrast, are all individually printed by hand and have what I call 'character' to them resulting from the hand making process. Some like the character of individually printed prints though they take a lot longer to make.

What these prints are not

Just to be really clear: these modern prints are not photographs or scans of my linocuts, acrylic or oil paintings. I sell those as well, but everything in this section is digital art.

I have drawn and painted each of the artworks here on my computer tablet. They often start with a rough pencil sketch on paper (just like all my other art), but beyond this they're entirely created using the newest technology. The video below illustrates the drawing/painting process.

In The Style Groove

These modern fine art prints are in the style of my linocuts. Though they look very like my linocuts, they're not the same.

It's easy to tell which is a traditional linocut and which is a modern print made using the latest technology when they're finished. I'm not sure there's a reason to make my modern prints look completely and exactly like a traditonal linocut if it was even possible, to be honest. I suspect as I make more of this new art, the style will differ from my linocuts more and more. There are things I can achieve using a computer I can't using lino.

Digital art is simply another medium, with it's own characteristics that are quite beautiful.

I've had several of these prints from the high quality specialist print people and I'm proud to offer them, having been delighted by their quality, vibrance and energy.

David Hockney is a famous English artist. He has embraced new technology, making digital art and helped the world understand it's not cheating. Computers don't actually 'do' anything. They certainly don't replace drawing and painting skills.

This is a timelapse video of me creating The Winsome Captain & His Friend. That means it's many hours of drawing and painting speeded‑up, so it plays through in one and a half minutes!

Sometimes there appears to be nothing happening, because the video does not zoom in when I'm adjusting fine details. It's an automatically recorded video that's part of the software and I've not found any controls to zoom it in… though zooming in and out might make it unpleasant to watch.

When it seems nothing is happening, look out for little dots appearing in the sea.

Since exporting this video and adding it here, I've adjusted the artwork above some more. That's why it might look a little different.