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Reviews and publications featuring my art

Updated: 17 October 2018

A couple, or three, of old reviews of my art in various exhibitions

The reviews below are published newest to oldest (roughly). I've not exhibited for a few years so the newest is quite old now. However, you might like to see what others have written about my artwork and some of the editions still have some prints available to buy in them.

**I'm due to update this page with the publications that have featured my work**

Review: December 2011playfull seascape print

‘playful’ sea appeal stands-out from the crowd

Lynne Roebuck’s small and exquisite [print] entitled Tiny’s at Sea shows a boat tossed about on the crest of a wave. It appears to be perilously poised, but what you find yourself focusing on is the exuberant bouncy playfulness of the sea.

There is an error in the article. 'Tiny's At Sea' is a linocut, not an etching., (2011). Art Show Is Both Festive And Lively. Available at: <­lifestyle/entertainment/­art_show_is_both_festive_and_lively_1_4044162> [Accessed Jan 2019]

Review: May 2009breaking waves original print

Miniature Art In A Personal Top 10

Above: detail of Headland linocut print (not featured in the mini art exhibition).

Drewery, Jenny (2009). 55 Artists Help Mini Art Make Big Impact.Scarborough Evening News. Accessed May 20, 2009.

Review: January 2010 & February 2008night-time original print

Lifting The Spirits With Simple And Direct (2 reviews)

A bi-annual art show, two reviewers in two years choose my prints to highlight from amongst the many paintings, photographs and other prints.  |  Read the reviews

  • Heath, Christine (2010). Exhibition to lift the spiritsScarborough Evening News. January 27, 2010.
  • Osbourne, Roger (2008). Swirls of colour but is there enough bite?High Tide arts magazine. February, pp 7

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