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Trattles & Geall Fine Art Gallery, Whitby

Update: 11 Nov 2018

I beleive this gallery, which changed its name to The Trattles Gallery, has sadly now ceased trading, according to records at Companies House.

I will confirm whether there is still a gallery at the new site in Silver Street when I next visit Whitby.

The Geall Gallery which is now at Grosmont, just outside Whitby, is still at the time of writing, trading I understand.

The information below is archival as at November 2018

I sold a great many lino prints from the Trattles & Geall Gallery on Church Street in the lovely town of Whitby, with people making special trips to see my art there.

A gallery in an old panelled ship owners house (illustrated above), in the historic and scenic seaside town of Whitby, on the East Coast of North Yorkshire, UK, it was a 'must browse' on any day-out. As a result, I sold pretty much at least one print every month there. Having only recently begun to develop my paintings, I've never supplied the gallery with any, only my prints.

Trattles & Geall has closed its Church Street gallery (illustrated) and moved to a new location. In March last year (2017) I picked up the remaining two prints they had. The owner at the time had not secured new premises and was hoping to open a new gallery in the town. I'm now able to confirm the new location is: 1 Silver Street, Whitby.

The owner has asked me to call in once she is settled in to the new location.

Having not produced any new original print editions during recent years, due to a serious illness, I'm concentrating on creating a new collection at this time. Once this is complete, I will be reviewing and seeking opportunities to show my art throughout Yorkshire

Directions to the new location:

Silver Street can be found on the North side of the river. As you stand at the North end of the bridge, you take the paved pedestrian street to the right of the bank. Follow this straight up the hill, past almost all the shops until you're nearly at the church on the left. Silver Street looks like a small alley on the right, down the side of the Elsinore Pub, just below where the church is - the gallery is just a hop and a skip up the alley.

The gallery also appears to have changed name to Trattles Gallery, though I am only quoting their new Facebook page. The gallery still does not have a website (as at May 2017), but the new Facebook page is @trattlesgallery

The old gallery on Church Street

The original location of Trattles & Geall – now on Silver Street, Whitby.

Many a print sold

My original lino prints were available from the high quality fine art gallery in the heart of Whitby, from October 2008 to March 2017. Most of my original linocut collection has been on display and sold there at some point and I sincerely hope this gallery continues to thrive regardless of where it is.