Lynne Roebuck (Handwritten) 
City Screen at night with the church to the right

City Screen Art Exhibition, York, UK

Landscape in Paint and Print – 7 Jan to 5 Feb 2019

5 February 2018

Thank you to everyone who visited my art show, I hope you enjoyed the art.

Information about my exhibition, early in 2019, of landscape oil paintings and limited edition prints. I hope I explained everything visitors needed to know…

What's on show?

All the pictures are of landscapes and there will be recognisable places in Yorkshire among them.

They are all originals, unique to me. There are…

  1. Two kinds of original oil painting:
    • Plein air oil paintings. The largest is not much bigger than A3 roughly, though they are good sized paintings when framed. These paintings have been painted on location, outside in the fresh air – hence the French term for these paintings which is Plein air.
    • Larger oil paintings, completed in my studio using reference. These have had a lot of artist's license (imagination) applied to them though they are still very recognisable. There are giclée prints of some of them available to order.
  2. Linocuts – Limited edition original prints, which have been made "without plugs, on/off switches or print buttons".

Not everything I have available will be on show unfortunately as there isn't the space. The quality of what is on display though is the same as the rest of my collection available from my website.

Is the art for sale and how do I buy it?

Yes, all of it is for sale. There will be a pricelist on display, from the 7th January, explaining the options.

What if I don't like the frame?

The pricelist will indicate how much the art is without the frame. (I regret I'm not able to provide alternative frames).

How would I buy something?

Use the email address on the pricelist, in the exhibition, to contact me directly. Please indicate if you need delivery, so I can advise what delivery costs are, if they apply.

Payment via a paypal request from me and PayPal's trusted online payments system will secure the art.

More art available

If you like the quality of the art in the exhibition, then there is more on this website. The quality is the same as on display. Take a note of the email address on the pricelist or use my web form for purchases from this website.

Alternatively, message me via the social media platofrms I'm on (see bottom of this page).Please note they don't always seem to email me either, very quickly or even at all sometimes.

If I've bought something, when and how do I get it?


  • Art in the exhibition at City Screen will be available from the 7 February 2019, once the exhibition has been safely dismantled. If frames need to be removed, this will delay its availability, though the delay should be minimal.
  • Unframed linocut or giclée prints will be sent as soon as possible after payment is received. I will not ask for payment for linocuts or giclées until the they're available to send.

I will keep you informed as appropriate, so you know what's happening.


Pick-up by the purchaser can be arranged.


  • Unframed linocut or giclée prints – These are delivered via the Royal Mail.
  • Framed (glazed) linocut printsThese are collect-only unless delivery is 20 miles or less from York. I regret I'm unable to post items with glass in them.
  • Framed/unframed paintings etc., – Because there is no gallery commission involved in these sales resulting from my exhibition in City Screen, York, I'm able to offer the following…
    • For framed/unframed oil paintings over £600, delivery is free up to 50 miles from York (so Leeds, Wakefield, Hull, Skipton, Middlesborough, Durham are included. Sheffield just sneaks into this radius. Manchester, Newcastle and Lincoln are too far away to qualify for free delivery on purchases under £1,000).
    • For large artworks and purchases over £1,000 please enquire.
  • The more flexible you're able to be about when your artwork is delivered, the more options potentially available.
  • For purchases falling outside the above criteria, there may be a cost for delivery involved. When you contact me, I will be able to advise you.
City Screen logo and dates for exhibition - 7 Jan to 5 Feb 2016

Where is the City Screen in York and when is it open?

Directions (Technological)

Here's a Google map ref (opens in new window)
Plus code: XW58+M4 York
Address: 13-17 Coney St, York YO1 9QL. Phone: 0871 902 5747

Directions (Verbal)

Find your way to the centre of York first.

It does not matter whether it's Parliament Street, a wide open plaza with trees in it, or Stonegate and Betty's. Both are an equally good starting point depending which direction you arrive from. Head South which will take you toward the river Ouse that runs through the middle of the medieval town. Having started from either Parliament Street or Betty's, you'll either encounter Coney Street itself or pass the end of it as you approach Ouse bridge.

It's Coney Street you need to be on and follow.

From Betty's, turn left along Coney Street, not right past the Post Office.

Look out for an old clock sticking out above the street from the end of a hidden church. You've found it! On the left of the end of the Church there's a gap which leads to the riverside. Straight ahead, through this gap, is the City Screen building.

I'll add pictures here to illustrate nearer the time

Inside the building and opening times

Make your way in to the City Screen building and you'll immediately find a nice cafe-restaurant with its great view of the river. Opposite the bar on the unfinished brick wall to your right will be my exhibition – enjoy!

City Screen is open every day of the week from 10:30am until 11pm, except Sunday they close at 10:30pm

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