Lynne Roebuck (Handwritten) 
An oil painting on show in a private home
A striking oil painting, “Whitby Harbour” – a conversation piece wherever it's exhibited

Updated: 16 July 2020

Hello. I've been explaining my current artistic focus in 2020, and why I'm not exhibiting at all (even when the virus permits it, as it hopefully will).

I'm currently hidden away in my artist's garret obsessed only with making art – to the exclusion of almost everything else.

There's the occasional trip into the countryside to sketch or paint, but otherwise I'm a bit of a recluse right now.

Coincidentally, I planned to do this in 2020, long before any virus was on the horizon. I felt my art had got to a stage where it needed concentrating on intensely, for at least a year.

There's a lot of false-starts, experimenting and mucking it up a fair bit, so don't be disappointed when I don't release a lot of new landscapes

This is the thing about creating art. It's not a predictable production line churning‑out endless variations of the same thing – or at least, my art isn't.

So this is why there's very little on my social media, no exhibitions planned and my galleries are waiting for more  supplies.

Be assured though, I'm still making prints and paintings, despite the impression at the moment.

The gallery in Bridlington needs some more prints from me, which I'm trying to get framed for them, so you'll still be able to see my work there.

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Previous: 23-26 Aug 2019

Moving Art

Updated: 1 Aug 2019

A joint show in York over the August bank holiday weekend. » CLOSED «

This was an informal small exhibition where I supported another artist who was celebratings moving studio. It was great to meet lots of people and to show my work. Thank you to all those who showed interest in my work.

Previously: 2 May - 15 May 2019

Burton Agnes Courtyard Gallery

» CLOSED « Solo Exhibition Courtyard Gallery at Burton Agnes Hall

There's free parking and entry to the gallery and to the lovely cafe in the courtyard for lunch too, whether or not you decide to visit the hall and gardens while you're there. Perhaps pop-in on your way to Bridlington or Flamborough Head.

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Success in juried exhibitions

From 2006 to 2013, I entered jury selected shows, called 'Opens', in the region. Including two popular and prestigious annual/bi-annual open submission shows: Ferens Open in Hull and the East Coast Open at Scarborough Art Gallery.

Every time I submitted something, I was selected to be part of the exhibition. This was despite being up against over 500 other artists submitting up to 3 artworks each.

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