Galleries & Up-coming Exhibitions

Updated: 17 October 2018

You'll find below a list of both exhibitions and galleries where my UK landscape paintings and prints can be seen firsthand.

My galleries and exhibitions are all in the county of Yorkshire at this time, though I am hoping to be able to offer my art in other parts of the UK in future.

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Exhibition: 2 May - 15 May 2019

Solo show Burton Agnes Courtyard Gallery

Updated: 18 October 2018

So pleased to announce I'll be in the Courtyard Gallery at Burton Agnes Hall in May 2019.

It's free parking and entry to the gallery and to the lovely cafe in the courtyard for lunch too, whether or not you decide to visit the hall and gardens while you're there. Perhaps pop-in on your way to Bridlington or Flamborough Head. I'll have more information, nearer the time.

Only two galleries?

I've been focussed on developing a collection of artworks. Now that I have a good collection (which is still growing), my focus will broaden to include seeking representation and exhibition opportunities, so I'm hoping to add more updates here throughout 2019.

Life sometimes throws nasty things your way with no logic or invitation – lightening strikes doesn't it. It did it to me, in the form of a very serious illness. While I spent a great deal of time in hospital over almost two years and several years getting back up after the knock, my art took a back seat and my gallery representation suffered.

You'll be pleased to know, I'm sure, that I'm very much mended now and have been working obsessively on bringing my art practice back-up to speed. Cracking the proverbial whip on myself, walled-up in my artist's garret painting and printmaking, or out in the landscape with paints and brushes braving strangers, flies and herds of cows.

If you are a gallery owner/manager, feel free to get in touch.

Full list of galleries who've represented me

Some art from my collection

Success in juried exhibitions

From 2006 to 2013, I entered jury selected shows, called 'Opens', in the region. Including two popular and prestigious annual/bi-annual open submission shows: Ferens Open in Hull and the East Coast Open at Scarborough Art Gallery.

Every time I submitted something, I was selected to be part of the exhibition. This was despite being up against over 500 other artists submitting up to 3 artworks each.

Past exhibitions record