Galleries selling original prints

(Planned and current exhibitions below)

I was so pleased in February this year (18) to announce my original prints are now available from the Craft Centre & Design Gallery in Leeds.

Only three galleries?

Life sometimes throws nasty things your way with no logic or invitation – lightening strikes. It did it to me, in the form of a very serious illness. While I spent a great deal of time in hospital over almost two years, I'm afraid my art took a back seat and my gallery representation suffered. You'll be pleased to know, I'm sure, that I'm very much mended now and going strong.

I'm actively developing my gallery representation while building a consistent body of artworks, so I'm hoping to add more updates here throughout 2018.

If you are a gallery owner/manager, feel free to get in touch.

Craft Centre & Design Gallery, Leeds

A fabulous craft centred gallery in Leeds city centre recognized nationally for the quality of craft available here. List of linocuts in the Craft Centre & Design Gallery.

Gallery 49, Bridlington

I have a long association with Gallery 49 who were one of the first galleries to welcome my prints. A highly supportive team who love what they do. I keep their page up to date with a list of what Gallery 49 have.

Pyramid Gallery, York

I'm not permanently on show in Pyramid, a lovely gallery right in the heart of York. However, I've often got pieces available there so please check the Pyramid gallery page on this website to see what they have.

Full list of galleries who've represented me
Linocuts on display

Art Shows/Exhibitions, both planned and current

I currently have one solo show planned and one applied for.

City Screen York, Jan 2019

Solo show: “Landscapes in Print and Paint”

I'm so pleased to announce I have secured an opportunity to show my work at City Screen, York, early next year. 7 January to the 5 February 2019 to be precise.

Another show applied for - wish me luck

I've also applied for a solo show during the Summer, 2019. I won't know if there's been a slot available for me and when the dates are exactly until the end of this summer. Fingers crossed they can fit me in somewhere.

I do have a good history of invited and jury selected artwork in local (Yorkshire) art gallery shows in Ferens and Scarborough Art gallery, in particular.

It's been a while since I've been fortunate enough to be able to show my art to the public for the same reason as my gallery representation suffered (above). I'm hoping to set-up at least three displays during 2019 - we'll see!

Past exhibitions record

Some linocuts from my collection