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Fine Art: What & why, plus a bit of how

Inbetween making my fine art (painting, making prints, and all the rest of what an artist does), I answer questions here. I explain what I do, why I do it, and a little bit of how I do it, too. I tell the story of making original fine art.

November 2020: Apologies, I've been meddling with this web page. I've re-organised it in to a question and answer structure – that's the idea anyway. It means this page doesn't fit properly with the pages it links to now. A temporary thing. I'm working on tying it all back together – you'll see my to-do notes below.

The 'What' & 'Why' of my fine art

Answering questions about what art I make, and why I make it… among others.

Do you copy from photographs?

It's a question I'm been asked a lot. The answer is: I don't copy from photographs. Why? Because they're not that useful, as I'll explain.

Photography plays a minor role, relatively, in my art making. I'll also explain what that role is


Are you an expert artist, or still learning?

I'm not an artist who's content to repeat what I've done before in different colours.

My quest to be a better artist has always been part of who I am. If anything, it's becoming an even more consuming mission.

An artist's evolution – developing my skills…

Written: September 2020

What Yorkshire art are you working on?

All about my Yorkshire painting plans. And of course, a bit of love for the county. (Doesn't answer the question! Needs updating.)

My current Yorkshire project…

Updated: Mar 2020

Why do you use oils to paint with? Is it because they're the best?

My favourite medium for landscape paintings is oil. Here's 5 of the reasons why I prefer to work with the medium, and why it's especially suited to landscapes. (To review!)

5 reasons I'm a landscape oil painter…

Written: Aug 2019

Are there any other painters you think are good?

Yes, I think heroes are important. I've made a short list of 5 UK landscape painters, both past and present, who inspire my own art…

5 British Landscape Painters who influence my art…

Written: February 2019

What is Plein‑air art?

What does 'Plein‑air' mean? What is distinctive about plein‑air paintings especially, and how are they made? A simple plain English description of what an oil painting described as 'en plein‑air' is. (Needs a refresh)

See More …

Written: September 2018

Why do you make landscape art?

How I approach creating landscape art. I try to explain what I do that makes my art distinct to me (Doesn't answer the question)

Find Out More …

Updated: October 2018

Do you have a studio, and what's it like?

I do have a studio, though that's a very grand title for it. I'm always trying to develop it to enable my art making. It's a small space you see. I describe what's essential to my work here. (Very out of date now)

A modern landscape artist's fine art space…

Updated: September 2017

A little bit of 'How'

This section is about buying (and in future, displaying) art, and the stories of how the art came to be made.

Sorry artists, there's no 'how to make art' advice here. There's a little bit about how I approach my art, but it's not about technique, such as ways to mix oil paint, and how to cut lino.

How do you decide what painting or linocut to make? Where do your ideas come from?

A question about inspiration, and yes, it's challenging. But not for the reason most people think.

Many people think inpsiration is a fickle, elusive thing. Nope, it's a nag, and that's the challenge of it, as I'll explain. (To write)

How do you price your art?

Pricing your own art is always a challenge for an artist. More so today, with ever increasing numbers of hobby artists effectively giving away their work, and private, independent galleries struggling. (Needs a tidy‑up!)

My prices are the result of…

Written: May 2019

I'm thinking of buying one of your prints, though I have a question…

Some of the questions I've been asked about buying my lino prints are grouped together in this article. (The questions and answers do not apply to Giclée prints). (To refresh & tidy!)

More …

Updated: July 2018

How do I tell what kind of art print I'm buying?

An easy to understand guide to the most common kinds of art print you'll see for sale. Includes questions to ask in order to be sure which kind of print you're looking at when in doubt. Also, a little bit about hand‑made and machine‑made art prints. (To refresh & tidy!)

3 kinds of art print you're most likely to find for sale…

Updated: July 2018

Some of my fine art

Some thoughts about other FAQs I should answer

These are some more questions I've genuinely been asked during my art career.

When did you start being an artist?

Are you a proper artist? A question asked by two young ladies, aged 10.

What's different about how you make your art?

Are you trying to make your paintings look really real? That's called realist painting isn't it?

How do you make your linocuts?

How and Where do you start on your paintings?

What's your favourite place you like making art of?

How much time does it take to make your art?