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Fine Art: What & why, plus a bit of how

Welcome to my fine art blog, written by me, a practicing professional fine artist, inbetween painting, making prints and all the rest of what an artist does.

Previous thoughts on developing my fine art

Updated: Feb 2020

I regularly update this website with my current thoughts about what to do next, by way of developing my fine art. I publish these thoughts on my home page first, and on the home pages for the various types of art I've been making. I'm now collecting them together here as an archive.


Yorkshire paintings & prints

Updated: Mar 2020

All about my Yorkshire painting plans. And of course, a bit of love for the county

Yorkshire art…

5 reasons I'm a landscape oil painter

Written: Aug 2019

My favourite paint for landscape paintings is oil. Here's 5 of the reasons why I prefer to work with the medium and why it's especially suited to landscapes.

My 5 reasons…

About my prices

Written: May 2019

How do I come up with my prices? Pricing is always a challenge for an artist, especially today with more hobby artists each day effectively giving away their work and private galleries struggling.

My prices are the result of…

5 British Landscape Painters who influence my art

Written: February 2019

Or, why heroes are important. A short list of UK landscape painters, both deceased and living who inspire my own art…

Read why these heroes influence me…

What is a Plein Air painting?

Written: September 2018

What does 'Plein air' mean? What is distinctive about a plein air painting and how are they made? A simple plain English description of what an oil painting described as 'en plein air' is.

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Making landscape art

Updated: October 2018

How I approach creating landscape art. I try to explain what I do that makes my art distinct to me

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Three FAQs about buying my original prints

Updated: July 2018

Buying my linocuts. Some of the questions I've been asked about my lino prints which you might find useful. These questions and answers do not apply to GiclĂ©e prints.

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Three kinds of print you're most likely to find for sale

Updated: July 2018

An easy to understand guide to… The most common kinds of print that are offered for sale. Includes questions to ask in order to be sure which kind of print you're looking at if in doubt, and a little bit about hand made and machine made art prints.

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A modern landscape artist's fine art space

Updated: September 2017

A creative space: kit, light and walls that work; plus more skills and web. A bit about what I'm doing to rebuild my art practice after a ‘temporary’ pause which ended up being several years. These unavoidable set-backs life throws at us can be an opportunity however, and I describe the practical steps I've taken recently to get productive again, as a result of taking a fresh look at my creative space (artist studio).


Some of my fine-art