Lynne Roebuck (Handwritten)

Fine Art: What & why, plus a bit of how

Inbetween making my fine art (painting, making prints, and all the rest of what an artist does), I answer questions here. I explain what I do, why I do it, and a little bit of how I do it, too. I tell the story of making original fine art.

November 2020: Apologies, I've been meddling with this web page. I've re-organised it in to a question and answer structure – that's the idea anyway. It means this page doesn't fit properly with the pages it links to now. A temporary thing. I'm working on tying it all back together – you'll see my to-do notes below.


The 'What' & 'Why' of my fine art

Answering questions about what art I make, and why I make it… among others.

A little bit of 'How'

This section is about buying (and in future, displaying) art, and the stories of how the art came to be made.

Sorry artists, there's no 'how to make art' advice here. There's a little bit about how I approach my art, but it's not about technique, such as ways to mix oil paint, and how to cut lino.

Some thoughts about other FAQs I should answer

These are some more questions I've genuinely been asked during my art career.

When did you start being an artist?

Are you a proper artist? A question asked by two young ladies, aged 10.

What's different about how you make your art?

Are you trying to make your paintings look really real? That's called realist painting isn't it?

How do you make your linocuts?

How and Where do you start on your paintings?

What's your favourite place you like making art of?

How much time does it take to make your art?

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