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Painting outside at Burton Agnes Hall and Gardens

Painting outdoors in 2019

Updated: 22 September 2019

Well where did the year go! My goodness. The weather has been hit and miss, and other non painting things have got in the way.

Between exhibitions and business stuff (forgive the highly business-like term), I've ended up not being as productive, on the plein-air front, as I'd hoped this year, though I have managed to produce some 10 outdoor paintings despite all the distractions, so it's not a complete fail.

Despite being behind with my accounts and website development, I was naughty recently and went to Whitby to make an oil painting I've wanted to for a long-long time. Though very windy, the painting has turned out well.

I've also got quite a few acrylic paintings from Bamburgh I've managed to photograph, finally. So I should be able to publish all of these paintings soon, here on this website.

Additionally, I tackled a painting in the Wolds which is rather good (though I say so myself) despite the kamikaze flies descending en mass, on to the surface of the painting. They drove me away in the end – the pesky blighters! I've also been reconnoitring various places in the Wolds in preparation for making a series of outdoor and studio paintings concentrating on the distinctive landscape that is the East Yorkshire Wolds.

Altogether it's meant as much sketching as painting. Hopefully building up a foundation for cracking on next year.

As usual my ambitions outstrip available time – ambitions involving painting in Harlow Carr Gardens, Whitby and the Wolds. I'd have loved to get up near Roseberry Topping too… oh I must stop this silly over ambitious thing. Autumn is creeping in everywhere, bringing the cold with it. Painting up at Whitby chilled me so much I ached despite the glorious sunshine, so painting opportunities are dwindling. Wind or no though, a sunny day has me champing at the bit to be outside, paint brush in hand. So fingers crossed I will manage a few more paintings before the year is out. Right… back to the accounts, meh.

(Apologies for not having published much of this years outdoor work here yet.)