Lynne Roebuck (Handwritten) 
Making linocut/lino prints

What is a linocut, lino or linoleum print?

Original print art…

Linocut, lino or linoleum prints are made by carving into a block of lino/linoleum. Not the flooring lino, but an artist's lino which is specially made for the art.

In brief, a block of lino is cut, then inked and put through a press. Linocuts are what's called: original prints. The distinctive thing about original prints is that they are not made by pressing a 'print' button on a computer or printing machine. Lino cutting is just one way of making original prints.

Below is a visual step-by-step I'm developing which hopefully helps you understand what a lino print is

How Linocut prints are made, in pictures:

  • A sketch of the statue in Whitby

    1. Sketch a design & 2. plan the colours
  • Different sizes of lino in a box

    3. Cut lino block to size
  • Stack of paper and lino blocks

    4. Cut paper to size
  • Burnisher, drawing and lino

    5. Transfer design to lino
  • Partly inked drawing

    6. 'Fix' the drawing on the lino
  • Creating a positioning template

    7. Set up the press
  • Lino block partly carved

    8. Carve the lino
  • Matching colour to planned

    9. Mix the ink/colour
  • Large inked roller next to inked block

    10. Ink the lino block
  • Inked block and freshly printed paper peeling back

    11. Put through the press
  • Prints hanging above the press

    12. Put the print to dry
  • Lino block being cleaned of ink

    …Clean up
  1. Repeat steps 10, 11 and 12 for each of the other prints in the edition… so 24 times for an edition of 25 prints.
  2. Repeat 7 steps starting at step 7 and ending at 'clean-up' for each colour…
  3. Do a little jig and treat yourself to a nice cuppa with a job well done!

Hopefully this begins to give you an idea what linocuts, lino or linoleum prints are, by seeing how they are made. I'm always looking to improve these images so am likely to change some.